4 Important Features of Fire Inspection report

Your property, whether your business or your house, needs to be secured. This also requires you to run fire inspections regularly to avoid any potential future loss.

You need to follow all the guidelines for fire safety properly, and in compliance with the same, a fire inspection report is issued by a fire inspector. To pass your Fire inspection procedure, fire protection measures must be sustained, and some of these features are: 

These are major features of Fire Inspection report

Functioning of fire detectors

Ensure that your building or property has a fire protection system that is working properly without any glitches. This is also essential for the fire inspection report since they ensure to check such items and ensure they are working in order. The installed fire alarms should be functioning and ensure that the smoke detectors are working properly since these are also checked during fire inspection. 

Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguishers' function and certification - FireLab

Your property should have a fire-extinguisher installed that would come to the rescue in the event of any fire accidents. The building type that you manage determines the amount and type of fire extinguisher that you need on-site. Extinguishers for fire have to be certified and operable.

The fire inspector will verify to ensure all fire extinguishers’ function and certification and then provide a fire inspection report. In case of negligence, you would end up failing the fire inspection.

Emergency Exists and Lighting

The emergency exits and emergency lightings are other essential features trequired for fire safety and are also reflected in the fire inspection report. This comprises all light bulbs and clear and easily identified outputs. Ensure that the exists, and the lights should be functioning properly.

The exits may have light-emitting EXIT signals or light blinks in an emergency. It is based on the sort of building you own. The signage and the illumination of each exit must be marked accurately. So that people know where to walk in and how to exit the building during the event of any fire.

Visibility and Detection of Property

Visibility and Detection of Property

The fire inspector would also check for visibility on the outside of your property. The building you have must be recognizable by the fire department. Your address must be accurate and identified. You can ensure that the fire department can trace your property easily.

Any fire hydrant must be free of the property’s debris. Bushes or landscapes should be left clear of the fire hydrant. Choose the best service that can readily access water.

In Conclusion

These features are some of the factors that your fire inspection report would reflect. The fire inspection officer would note during the inspection. To ensure that your property is safe and that you are ready to tackle the situation in case of any fire accidents on your premises or anywhere.

You protect your new life and assets by obeying fire safety standards and the lives of individuals who live and work within.

Steven B. Stock

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