How to choose the best transcript services in Dubai?

With time use of audio and video content in communication is tremendously increasing. However, now or then, one will always need to have a written document of the given file. It could be for legal, official, or academic purposes, but you can’t just rely on audio or video content. For this purpose, transcript service is required to turn audio and video verbal speech into texts.

The transcription service provides speech-to-text conversion. This is usually achieved with pre-recorded audio and video files and much more. However, video to text services is the most common. Transcriptions are either entered manually (handwritten) or executed using Automatic Speech recognition (ASR) software. If you are exploring transcription services for the first time, the number of options, prices, and transcription options may seem overwhelming. However, not everything is as complicated as it may seem.

Why would you need transcript services in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most attractive and visited places in the world for tourism as well as business. Dubai being a hub of business and tourism, requires transcript services in Dubai. Businesses and other sectors use transcription services for various reasons. 

For example, a business that needs translation will first transcribe the verbal parts of the file if you have not yet written a script that is ready for translation. Video transcriptions are often used only for legitimate purposes. Audio transcriptions are also often used for court cases to record this translation; it can help you with everything from language learning to education and training of event staff. 

Attributes of finest transcript services in Dubai 

While looking specifically for a transcription agency, keep in mind what additional services you might need before you start exploring the potential agencies to work with. Some individuals and agencies provide only transcription services, whereas some as part of a broader range of services (such as translation). In both cases, you need to keep a keen observation of the following attributes in a transcription services agency visit this site.

  • Experienced transcribers 

Many apps on the internet are providing transcript services, but it is not much accurate and could have many errors. This is why always go for a company that provides human-based experienced transcribers along with a technical transcription.

  • Professional quality 

Never miss out on checking the quality of their work; make sure they are providing professional quality. It is better to go for agencies because they get to be more professional competitively than an individual transcriber.

  • Reasonable rates

Most pricings are done according to the difficulty level and time of the audio or video content. You should do a market visit to compare rates and then choose what suits best for you as per your budget and demand. Different companies offer different rates. 

  • Confidentiality 

Make sure they keep complete confidentiality of your data. Always go for a company that agrees to sign on confidentiality agreement paper to make sure your data is safe with them and to ensure the maintenance of your secrecy.

  • Credibility 

The credibility of the agency’s work is super important. As mentioned before, always ask for a sample of work from the agency before getting started, assess the professionalism and credibility of the work, whether they deliver on time or not, and then decide to choose or lose the agency. 

  • Multiple languages 

It is better to go for agencies that offer multiple languages and accents for transcription instead of just one or two languages like English or Arabic. You may need it in international meetings or academic content. But if this is not a requirement and you deal with only Dubai-based work, you can go with other agencies; they may cost less.

  • Accuracy 

Accuracy of the output delivered is the essential thing to ponder upon in best transcription. Subject-specialized transcribers are more likely to produce the most accurate transcriptions. You can assess the accuracy of the work by checking out their previous works. 

How to know the company is worth a try?

transcript services

Look for reviews from other companies as a starting point, and go in search of the top-rated agencies on the internet. Just like in any other industry, quality and prices can be very different, so please decide on your budget and expectations from the very beginning. Look for people.s recommendations and reviews to please the quality of the front and ask for a quote from different companies to compare prices. 

What kinds of transcript services can you avail?

Many sectors benefit from transcription services as they can’t just rely on video or audio files. To list down, there is a large number of sectors benefiting from transcription services 

  • Academic Transcription Service
  • Meeting Transcription Service
  • Books  Transcription Service 
  • Conference Call Transcription Service
  • Court Transcription Services
  • Educational Transcription Service
  • Entertainment Transcription
  • Film or drama Transcription
  • Financial Statements transcript 
  • Lecture Transcription Service
  • Media Transcription Service
  • Podcast Transcription Service
  • Seminars Transcription Service
  • Sermons Transcription Service 
  • Technical Transcription Service
  • Text-to-text Transcription Service
  • Video and text Transcription Service
  • Court Transcription Service
  • Transcription services for qualitative research
  • Web content Transcription Service


To conclude what has been discussed above, it is clear that there are a number of merits associated with having a reliable transcription service like efficiency, the accuracy of documentation, clear written communication. Choosing reliable transcription services in Dubai is the key to get your job done in the best way. There are a number of things to keep in mind while choosing, like credibility, affordability, the professional quality, just to name a few.

In this age of video and audio recordings and communication in business and legal processes, no matter what, there will come a time where you are going to need written evidence or documentation of the communication to be accurate and precise. This way you can get via reliable transcription services. Transcription needs to be error-free; it is a very tough job that is why you can’t leave it in the hand of any unprofessional person, you would never want to be in any hustle.

Steven B. Stock

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