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Error-free certified translations are required for documents in foreign languages when these are to be used legally. This becomes of extreme importance when documents are submitted in courts since case proceedings can get negatively affected if interpretations are not made accurately. A wrong translation can mislead the decision, costing someone financially, mentally, in stature or physically.

Certified legal translation in Dubai will always be required in immigration cases. And for businesses, contracts, policies and advertising/marketing collateral will have to be translated for smooth operations. Given that it is such a prerequisite in many forms, one often wonders as to how much it would cost to get legal translations.

Sometimes, it is even confusing to get different quotes for the same work from different organizations. Here we look at some of the aspects which determine the costs of legal translations and provide the very reasons why standard rates are not applied in legal translations.

Need and Urgency

Sometimes individual translators charge according to the need of the client, but this is a very rare occurrence in professional legal translation in Dubai. The translation services industry works on the principle of norms and ethics. The rates are predefined according to set practices and rather than deadlines and client’s needs.

Legal Translation in Dubai - UAE Transaltion

Companies providing translation services normally charge according to the number of words or pages and the linguistic skills required in a task. Needless to mention that postal, delivery services or doorstep services will inevitably be charged separately. To save yourself from falling prey to overcharging, internet reviews and client testimonials are a great way of getting familiar with the rates.

Specialized Services

The translation is a technical field and is a lot different than routine interpretations. Knowledge, experience and attention are required to translate special documents. The cost companies charge for translation is a financial depiction of these inputs into translation work.

Precision and true rendition of legal content is required for any submission to Government departments; it cannot be the basic version taken from web sources. Hence a cost is to be paid to get it translated. Like, if web-based or software-assisted translations were that accurate; translation service provider companies would have been obsolete a long time ago.

Furthermore, most of the software-supported translations cannot be certified as the truest representation of the original legal content. They sometimes do not even maintain the very format and language style of the original file. It is always advisable to pay a little and be satisfied that you have something you can trust.

Complexity in legal translation in Dubai

Alongside the length of the document, another key factor determining the cost is the technicality or the complexity of the content in the source document. As with anything else in the market, high-touch work will require more financial input. The rarity of linguistic combination also defines complexity.

Legal systems in various countries largely vary and the same goes for the technical terms used within the system. Quotes for translations of routine or commonly used languages will be lesser than those with which are rare since the availability of translators and skills is easy to adjust for routine languages.

Similarly, the type of content to be translated also define the quoted rate according to the complexity. For instance, expertise involved in translating a legal birth certificate will be much less cumbersome than that of a legal business contract; hence the cost per word will vary between the two.

Usage and Editing

Most of the normal legal translations of personal documentation do not involve any formatting. It just has to be a perfect translation of a text or document for submission in Government offices. But in the case of a legal document that also involves editing and formatting, the translation rates will vary.

For example, in cases of documents that are publicized or shared widely, not only a translation from a professional native-speaking translator is required, but it also has to be edited and proofread. Most often, in such cases, quality control or review is undertaken by a different professional translator to verify the worth of work done by the first translator.

As it has to go into the public domain, no one would wish to jeopardize the reputation or prestige just by saving a little money on translations. Therefore, the costs for such a work would certainly be higher than the regular translations.

Certifications and Vetting

Reputable translation companies in UAE engage native-speaking translators from all over the world to provide their services. As a standard, the translators are adept at undertaking individualized services, which gives the very basis to the companies to certify their work.

Getting certified translations to signify that the work is accurate, coherent and is guaranteed by a technically-sound company. This is required in most cases for the submission of legal documents to Government offices. Like for sworn translations in court usage, the certification will cost a little extra along with the translation.

For large businesses, which require their legal documents to be translated and certified according to the ISO1700:2015 quality standard, the cost is higher than that of a simpler process.

By watching below video you can also calculate translation cost.

Relationship and Ongoing Commitment

For clients engaging with translation companies to get translations of legal documents on a persistent basis, the rates would obviously change. Options of per-line, flat rates, per-word, per-hour or per-page can be discussed and agreed upon in such instances. Companies prefer to charge on a per-line basis (1 line = 55 characters with spaces between words) since the number of words in target and source languages are not always the same.

After this option, in cases of court documents where the number of lines cannot be electronically calculated, per-page costs are agreed upon for repeat clients. Language services companies that have retainer contracts signed with business entities work on the principle of the volume of work and the workflow involved. It makes sense for both parties (client and translation company) to produce products rather than calculating costs and having discussions on each quote.

Freelance translators typically provide post-edited machine translation services to the clients. But this carries the huge risk of undermining the overall readability and flow of legal documents. Legal translation in Dubai maintains the gold standard of the industry by engaging professional native-speaking individual translators in their teams. This might appear a little pricier when comparing the rates but provides accuracy and confidence when entrusting someone with the translation of the legal content.


One can get translations from online companies or language service providers. Online companies mostly engage in general texts, unlike the special services provided by the latter. Costs charged for the same work by these two types of companies would be different. But, at Al-Syed Legal Translation Dubai, one gets the benefits of both types of companies at highly comparable rates to any other in UAE.

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