Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome was first defined and described by Psychiatrist Brian Ludmer, M.D. in his work with divorcing families with minor children in 1985. He began to notice a growing phenomenon where one parent would try to alienate the children from the other parent so that the children would ultimately reject that parent. When this alienation was successful, Dr. Gardner identified a cluster of symptoms that these children would begin to exhibit, which he described as the “Parental Alienation Syndrome”. Since his original work in this area, there has been much further work and research done by Dr. Gardner as well as many other mental health professionals.

Since this phenomenon would occur in the context of divorce only, it is perhaps not surprising that it would generate a great deal of controversy. That is, it was essentially discovered, described and battled over in the acrimonious environment of the court.

The existence of Parental Alienation Syndrome has been debated in court in the context of litigation. It had until recently been argued that PAS had not been tested within the courts as being admissible as evidence. As noted earlier, this challenge has always been in the context of it being a litigation strategy. It is therefore of some significance that PAS was tested and did pass this important legal test in November of 2000, in Canada. Brian Ludmer, M.D. The court ruled that PAS was accepted in the professional scientific community and did meet the Frye standard. Click here for more detailed information regarding this legal event.

Parental Alienation Syndrome Passes the Frye Test

While most mental health professionals who work in the area of divorce would describe some familiarity with Parental Alienation Syndrome, it is important to understand that this is a very specialized field that requires different evaluative techniques and tools than if Alienation is not present. If the evaluator is not intimately familiar with the nuances of this phenomenon, it is likely that this condition will be misdescribed and mistreated.

Brian Ludmer

First, Parental Alienation must be distinguished from Parental Alienation Syndrome. Parental Alienation refers to the behaviors hooked in by the parent, with the possible result being the improvement of Parental Alienation Syndrome in the child. Parental Alienation assign to the actions of one parent onto the kid. Specifically, this refers to one parent denigrating, criticizing and attacking the other parent in front of and ultimately with the children. It represents the one parent’s attempt to remove what is referred to as the “Target Parent” from their children’s lives, and making it appear that it is the child who feels this way. How this is accomplished ranges from the most subtle to the most obvious of strategies. But they all carry the common goal of attempting to eliminate the Target Parent from the child’s life and world. Parental Alienation assign to specific actions by the Alienating Parent. These behaviors are predictable and form an identifiable pattern. The pattern of these behaviors form four Criteria which are listed below

How to Detect It and What to Do about It

  1. Visitation or access blocking by one parent
  2. False allegations of abuse or unfit parenting against the Target Parent
  3. Deterioration in the relationship with the child and the Target Parent since marital separation
  4. Exaggerated fear reaction on the part of the child at displeasing the Alienating Parent

When these four criteria are present, the stage is set for the development of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the psychological condition that exists within the child who has been a victim of these Parental Alienating behaviors. These behaviors have the effect of causing the child to internally reformulate how they view and feel about the now absent Parent. Parental Alienation Syndrome is the development of manipulating the kid to internally transform their view of the other parent from being an object of love into being an object of hate. This is a profound and very damaging psychological illness can and often will create lifelong harm to the child, well into adulthood.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is the result of the child living in the presence of the four criteria listed above for some significant period of time. Parental Alienation Syndrome can be identified by the presence of following manifestations or symptoms in the child. They are:

  • Campaign of Denigration
  • Weak or Frivolous Rationalizations for the Deprecation
  • Lack of Ambivalence
  • “Independent Thinker” Phenomenon
  • Reflexive support of Alienating Parent
  • Absence of guilt over cruelty and exploitation of Alienated Parent
  • Presence of Borrowed Scenarios
  • Spread of Animosity to Extended Family of Alienated Parent

Why Managing Energy from Suppliers Matters to Canadian Businesses

Despite political headwinds in Ontario related to the cost of electricity, large companies working with Canada’s energy suppliers have been forced to accept rising electricity rates as part of the cost of doing business. Politics aside, the truth is: businesses of all sizes can gain a competitive edge by making their operations more energy efficient.

Time to Change?

The commodity price for electricity changes throughout the day, week and season, providing businesses an opportunity to adjust their energy use to take advantage of lower prices, according to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which sets electricity rates in Ontario. For example, the IESO says shifting operations to cheaper times of the day, or running operations overnight will help to reduce a business’ energy costs. Lower costs, in turn, mean businesses can be more competitive in their marketplace.

Helping the Planet

It can be argued that Ontario’s power grid is already somewhat environmentally friendly, as it uses no oil or coal products, relying mostly on nuclear and hydro power. Gas provides less than 20% of the province’s power on an average day, according to the IESO. The IESO also supports retrofit programs, allowing businesses to install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient equipment. Incentives are available for a range of upgrades from high efficiency lighting, ventilation, chillers, motors, fans and more.

Investing in energy efficiency provides businesses with opportunities beyond energy savings. Such savings can help to optimize and increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and create safer and more welcoming work environments for employees and customers.

Case Study

A case study helps illustrate the benefits of improving a company’s energy efficiency. For example, 3M Canada, working with London Hydro, set up a comprehensive retrofit program, which included exchanging 1,000 standard light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and upgrading their HVAC system. As well as saving energy, the project saved $1.5 million annually for 3M.

Services Provided by Active Business Services

Active Business Services can help your business with more active Business Services reviews detailed ways to improve electrical and natural gas efficiency. Our analysts study a company’s historical electricity consumption and load profile. Active Business Services then develops a customized purchasing strategy that best mitigates risk to volatile market prices. Businesses can also manage their overall electricity costs by using load following, a fixed price solution that provides businesses with a set electricity price for a specific term. Working with Canada’s energy suppliers, the load following option also helps protect businesses from price instability.

Author: Active Business Services

Active Business Services is an energy management firm that has dedicated the last ten years to providing Canadian commercial and industrial customers with natural gas and electricity supply and risk management solutions.

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The Complete Guide to finding the Best Pool Remodeling Company

Malibu, a city of celebrities and beaches in the mighty state of California. Located on the western coast of America, it is a beautiful landscape overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

From Tom Hanks to Miley Cyrus, the legendary Jack Nicholson to Ellen DeGeneres, they all have a big mansion or a villa in Malibu.

You may or not possess a house as extravagant, but you can definitely dream of a pool that has the potential to make even the most flamboyant of celebrities feel envious.

So yes, you have two options. Either get a new pool or renovate the existing one.

Rest assured, we will guide you in understanding how to choose a Malibu pool remodeling company, and how to decide if your pool needs renovation at all.

Let’s Start, shall we?

Signs That Your Pool Could Use Some Remodeling

Your Pool Looks Dirty and Smells Funny

Clogged filters will have to take responsibility here. Every pool has one. It’s one of those essential things that gets the hygiene of your pool going.

That, or perhaps the erosion of floor tiles has rendered them toothless to carry any friction. This usually happens when mold or slime has started to grow on the floor of your pool.

These are telltale signs that your pool could use some quality workmanship.

You Notice That Water Level isn’t Consistent Anymore

Malibu pool remodeling

This phenomenon suggests an underlying cause that may or may not be rectified using a short term fix.

Usually, a fault in the plumbing can lead to unnecessary leakages. Another factor which may contribute to inconsistent water levels, is a fracture in the flooring.

May be the plaster has worn off, or the tiles have eroded, providing a perfect pathway for the water in the pool to seep into the ground.

If you observe such behavior in your pool, trust your instincts and get a professional pool remodeling company to do the job for you.

When you Realize That The Fun Place, The Pool Area, Becomes a Bit too Drab for Liking

It’s human nature to get bored after a while. Has the ever so fun and adventurous pool become blatantly boring?

Do you see yourself finding excuses to not spend time near the pool for some reason or the other?

You guessed it, the once sickeningly enjoyable activity has become so monotonous that no one wants to do anything near a pool.

Don’t Fret, We Have Some Great Ideas to Guide You

Change the Ambience

Sometimes the simplest answer is the most overlooked.

It couldn’t be truer for the swimming pool.

Try installing a night light near the pool area. Not just any lights, LED lights. We suggest that you experiment with the interior lighting of the pool.

Some colorful LEDs installed near the floor, or a funky disco light to get the fun times rolling, try whatever gets you grooving.

Repair as Necessity Arises

Various plumbing equipment like pumps, pipes and gaskets can reach their service life eventually.

Similarly, if it’s been years since you made your pool, you should consider replacing old tiles of the floor. This change would not only be functional, but fashionable as well.

Try Experimenting With The Statics and The Dynamics Around Your Pool

Did you always want a slide beside your pool? Or was that high ramp on your priority list, which ultimately was washed away in winds of caution?

If it’s safe, and drastically changes the pool area mood, we say why not get it?

Or, what if we told you that you could restructure your old pool? You could consider expanding or contracting it. Even a change of shape would add to the diversity.

The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run a little wild and see what happens!

But How Do you Decide Which Company to Hire for Remodeling?

It’s simple, Track Their History!

In this day and age of transparency, there is barely any information that cannot be accessed.

Use internet as a powerful tool and search the track records of these companies, for the projects undertaken and their outcomes. Trust us, this little foresight on your end will probably save you from the trouble of being duped.

After all, your money is best spent on investments which bring value, not on fraudulent contractors.

Ask Around for Feedback from Past Customers

Don’t be shy. It’s okay to not know something than to pretend to know it and incur a loss.

Ask on Quora, or use Twitter, post on Facebook or talk directly to swimming pool owners, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the relevant information.

This Will Ensure Two Things

You will know about the best companies to choose from by analysing the real world data, and you will learn how to negotiate with the servicemen for the best deals and work.

Look for Certification from Concerned Authorities

Certificates from bodies like the The Association of Pool and Spa professionals of America, which certify the renovation companies, and CPO, which certify service professionals, are a must while deciding the contractors.

This enables you to reach out to them for claims and disputes. But that’s just the most rare of cases. Usually, when you know your contractor has these certificates, you can breathe easy and know that they will do their job well.

We are Here, Always!

We know that something as simple as pool renovation may see daunting, but don’t be discouraged. We are there to guide you through every step of the way.

By following our suggestions, you can evade shady Malibu pool remodeling companies that just want to extract maximum money from you for the least amount of work. Why give them this chance? Don’t we all work hard for every dime?

It should come as no surprise that there are more important things in life to take care of than a swimming pool.

Coffee bags or vacuum bags to package your product? Find out why and how!

Having the correct packaging for your product is vital not only to sales, but also the freshness as well as keeping your product from getting damaged. You have to provide effective, durable as well as flexible packaging that suits your specific product. Your coffee packaging bags suppliers needs to be effective while still promoting your product.

Various products can be packed in similar packaging while others may require specific packaging. There is a range of packaging options to consider such as pillow pouches, coffee bags; shrink sleeves, vacuum bags, spout pouches, tubes, boxes and many more. These also come in a wide variety of sizes to suit different products. Pet food, CD’s, coffee, frozen foods, toothpaste, and cold drink all come in selective packaging to suite the requirements of the product.

What are your packaging needs?

Your packaging will therefore also have specific necessities. Depending on the moisture content, air removal, liquid or solid state, you will have to look at a packaging explicitly for those purposes. Let’s have a look at the differences of coffee bags and vacuum bags, as well as what they have to offer you.

Vacuum bags are mainly used where food products are involved as it removes the air from the packaging. It can also extend the shelf life of products while restricting bacterial growth. It can be used for fresh food products as well as dried food products. You can also store non-food products such as materials, books, and clothing to keep them sheltered while shrinking the space they take on shelves. However gentle products could be crumpled by using vacuum bags for packaging. In such a case the air within the packaging may be replaced by using nitrogen. This will remove the air within and have the same lasting effect.

Do you need vacuum bags for your products packaging?

Coffee bags on the other hand are known to be one of the safest ways of packaging for coffee and tea. These can also be altered to fit your needs. Another name for coffee bags is foil packaging. These bags are extremely shelf friendly and allow more than enough space for branding. They provide protection against moisture as well as bacteria due to their variety of materials.

Coffee bags can also be adapted to have a zipper as well as handles for comfort to your customers. Thus you can basically get your coffee bag to look the way you want. These offer you a range of options in size and colour, and can also have bag clips or tin ties so they can be re-sealed and re-used. The material used for coffee bags can however be used for a variety of other products, so talk to a professional packaging company about your needs.

Can your product fit in a coffee bag for packaging?

For all your packaging needs talk to the experts in this field by visiting, Titan Packaging and getting your products packaged today. Your packaging will aid in your sales, thus you want to get them perfect the first time. Professional assistance with a smile is simply a click away.


Artificial turf, artificial grass, synthetic lawn– call it what you want, but fake grass landscaping is starting to take over Calgary!

People are tired of mowing their lawns on a regular basis only to see dull,  yellow-patched grass that makes their whole yard look awful. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or the passion for regular lawn care maintenance.

Enter artificial grass in Calgary. Not only is it zero maintenance, but it keeps your yard looking beautiful and lusciously green year-round. If you have children or pets, this is a great option. But as with anything that makes your life easier, it can be expensive.

Nonetheless, it’s a great investment for your property. Besides the aesthetic value it can give your home, people appreciate not having to water or mow their lawns.

Within the artificial turf realm, you have loads of options. There are many textures and grades that you can choose from depending on your personal needs.

Let’s take a deeper look.


The concept of fake grass originally came from a textile company, but the product was meant to be used for carpeting.

Today, new products have been tested and chemically treated so they are resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun. This makes them wear-and-tear resilient against pet and children foot traffic, and fully applicable for residential landscaping Calgary.

landscaping calgary


There are fibers in the synthetic turf, called blades, which essentially make up the “grass”.

Made from elements like nylon or polypropylene, these are manufactured in different ways for different applications to mimic fake grass.


When proposing artificial turf to Calgary residents, my clients often wonder why it’s so expensive. In their mind, we’re simply “rolling out carpet”, similar to sod.

The difference that many fail to realize is that unlike sod, proper Calgary landscaping practices require a solid 6”-8” aggregate base. This is more like the process involved in paving stones or concrete curbing. Excavation and grading to ensure proper drainage also allows it to become synthetic perfect turf.


I often recommend artificial turf in Calgary yards where home-owners who want luscious green lawn without worrying about maintenance.

In addition, clients who have pets that tend to make a mess benefit significantly from fake grass– even if it’s for a small area like a dog-run.

The most popular reason clients select fake grass is for putting greens.

Putting greens in Calgary have become a great landscape feature. Home-owners can finally have a place to ‘play’ as they entertain their guests. Golfers also now have the ability to practice their game in the convenience of their own backyard.

I will really try to push the fake grass concept to clients in my landscape design proposal if I feel that their lawn area is small or needs grass installed. Think about it, do you really want to bring out a lawn mower or hose for an 80, or even 150 square foot area?

If so, what are the chances it will be as green and appear as healthy as the synthetic form I propose?

However, there is also something about natural grass that some clients prefer: the “connection to earth”, if you will.

I honestly can’t say if playing in natural grass or mud – as doctors tell us – built my immune system at an early age.

The choice is yours nonetheless. The benefits are there!

If you’re looking to keep your lawn a maintenance-free one and aesthetically superior, I would highly recommend it. On the other hand, if budget is a concern and/or if you enjoy the natural look and feel of the outdoors, stick to regular sod.

Seven tips to not lose your smile in summer

The holidays are here. Habits change and our good habits also. But we must know what are the main dangers for our teeth and the consequences of a summer without proper oral hygiene.

The heat and the good weather invite to take a greater number of sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages and, even, to smoke more. If we do not respect and take care of our teeth, summer can take its toll.

And that bill is transformed into increased bacterial plaque, gingivitis problems, injuries and inflammations in the gums and, above all, the dreaded cavities.

What should we do and what can we do to avoid it? In general, maintain good cleaning habits and good hydration. But more specifically, from Family Dental Clinic Camberwell, it is recommended

  1. Continue brushing our teeth at least three times a day (although we should do it every time we eat).
  2. Brushing is not enough. We must also use the interdental brush and dental floss to get rid of the remains of food that remain between the pieces. We brush very fast and forget that between the teeth there is also food and you have to know how to remove it.
  3. Use a mouth rinse or mouthwash with fluoride. Those recommended for children are good for both them and adults.
  4. Drinking water in quantity. The lack of adequate hydration (two liters of water per day is recommended) can involve an increase in bacterial plaque and even problems of gum inflammation as well as the creation of caries (sugar).
  5. Moderate the intake of carbonated, acidic, sugary and alcoholic beverages without forgetting to clean your teeth thoroughly after your intake.
  6. Be especially cautious with dental trauma as they increase by 30% in the summer season. From Family Dental Clinic Camberwell, we recommend the use of dental protectors in the case of sports activities as well as the use of the integral helmet in any displacement in a two-wheeled vehicle.
  7. If it is not possible to stop smoking (which would be ideal for our teeth), moderate and control it. It is necessary to remember that in 100% of the cases, the smoker remains without teeth before the non-smoker. Tobacco destroys the gums.

Finally, do not forget to visit your usual dentist so he can give the most correct guidelines for our mouth or check how much and how the summer has affected us.


There is nothing more satisfying than spending your hard earned money on something you and your family can enjoy on a daily basis – be it a new home, a new car or even a newly landscaped yard. Continue to read this article about tips on choosing the right landscape contractor and avoid some common pitfalls made by Calgary homeowners.

They say first impressions are lasting impressions. So how do you accentuate the first impression of what probably is your biggest investment – your home?
The benefits of landscaping your home are endless and so choosing the right contractor for the job can be a tough decision to make – especially when you see how many landscape contractors are well established just here in the city of Calgary alone.

Here are 3 tips on choosing the right landscape contractor and best landscaping company in Calgary for your next landscaping job:


Google “Landscape Contractors Calgary” and you will find hundreds of results.

I’ll also tell you first hand there is probably another hundred out there that aren’t listed – some who are very good at what they do!


Calling the first three you see on google isn’t always a good idea. SEO (search engine optimization) has become a really big marketing tool for almost every industry out there. Companies (landscaping included) often pay people to help rank them at the top of Google just to capture people who don’t want to spend the time doing any research. They also pay top dollar to website designers to build their company websites so they pop out and make them look better than they actually may be.

The Solution: Visit the second and third page and click on some companies that stand out and you might be surprised at what you find.

Reviews & Online Reputation:

Online customer reviews are a great way to verify credibility because it’s very hard nowadays to fake reviews online. If Google, yelp or Houzz ever found out that their users have fake reviews, they will penalize the company almost immediately by taking their listing off the web – something no credible company wants. We have worked hard over the years to earn the trust and credibility from our clients and this is why we are proud of our exceptional reviews and rating. Take a look at our Landscaping Calgary Reviews.

But like with anything, take the reviews with a grain of salt – after all, no one asks an unhappy customer to write their company a review.

The Website:

Landscaping Calgary

Almost inevitably, if you are in Calgary, you will visit Calgary landscaping companies website first. Lots of images and text saying how they are the best at what they do.
You will probably read a little bit about who they are but ultimately jump to the portfolio or gallery section to see their work.

There are a couple things you should probably know going into their gallery or portfolio:

  • They have their best work there. So if they did some crappy work, it won’t be on there and you won’t know about it.
  • They probably spent some time cropping and editing images to make them really pop – ie. Not giving you the full story of that image.

The Solution: Get a general understanding of their design style. Many companies often (more or less) design the same thing over and over again. Why? Because it’s easy. Their crews have done it before so its natural it will only be faster this time around. Look for creativity. Look for uniqueness. Look for an explanation of their design decisions.

The Consultation:

So you’ve found someone you like. Now you call them to get an “estimate” for your yard work.

Here is what you should pay attention to when they are walking your property with you:

  • Are they punctual and on time for the appointment?
    • Five to seven minutes is fine – we’re all human. But any more than that, they should have called you.
  • Are they paying attention and listening to your needs?
    • They should be making eye contact with you and listening to your personal needs not cutting you off and telling you what they want to do.
  • Are they asking you probing questions to understand your needs?
    • How many kids do you have? How many pets? How many people will you entertain here? Anything to show they are thinking about how you will be using the space.
  • Are they answering your questions to your satisfaction?
    • Be careful here. You want them to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
  • Are they taking proper measurements?
    • How can they give you an accurate price without accurate measuring?
  • Are they taking elevation shots of your slopes?
    • How will they know how much material they will need without shooting the grades?
  • Are they professional and courteous?
    • If you hear a curse word, that’s a red flag.


Would you ever buy a home without seeing a floor plan first? Probably not, so why would you let someone take a shovel to your yard without seeing a landscape design first.

You want to make sure they put together a detailed, to-scale, landscape design before showing you a price so you can ensure you know what you are paying for.

Use a professional landscape designer:

You want to make sure the person who will be designing your yard has formal training in the landscape design field to ensure quality workmanship. You will want to hire a qualified landscape designer for your project to ensure quality work. You will more than often probably have to pay for this design but remember, just because you paid them for the design service, doesn’t mean you have to use them for the construction service – though that is usually preferable.

Design Approach:

If three landscape design-build companies propose you pay for the design (prices vary based on size of yard and scope of work) and you’re unsure yet of which Calgary landscaping company to go with, it may be best to reach out to a solo landscape design-only company. Ie. A professional landscape designer – by professional I mean, someone who has actually had some formal training to back their skillset up. By doing this, you also have someone to give you advice based on their experience in the industry.

Design Value:

There are essentially 3 reasons you want a design done before any tool or equipment arrives at your home to start construction.

  1. You know exactly what you are going to get – well, more or less. Things do change on site, it’s the nature of the business. You can’t foresee every single detail from the on-set. This is true in any construction industry. But you will have a very good grasp of what you should be expecting for the end result – so it really acts as a contract in the end.
  2. Pricing is accurate. Most Calgary landscapers use square foot and linear foot pricing as a basic model to price jobs. If there is no drawing, they are pricing off hand-measurements (their tape measurements or measuring wheel) and that isn’t very accurate at all.
  3. Comparing apples to apples, not oranges. If you want to get quotes from other landscaping companies, you first want to ensure the landscape design is exactly what you want. Once the design process is completed and you have what you want on paper, the next step is to maybe get multiple quotes. You want everyone quoting from your design. Everyone is quoting off the same thing so there is no ambiguity when comparing prices.


Price comparison: 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients in the past who have told me they aren’t just going for the cheapest price – they’re looking for the best value of their dollar. I often question that when I see which company they decide to go with – you guessed it, the cheapest price.

If you have landscaper A tell you the project will cost $1, and landscaper B tell you the project will cost $2, did you really sit down and assess what each of them is really offering for that price?

Now imagine if you get a landscaper C quote you a price of $2.50, you can pretty well assume landscaper A is going to cut corners somewhere to make up for it. It’s sad, but it happens. And no, you probably won’t have a clue where/how they did it because there are a lot of intangibles that go into landscaping that the typical home-owner has no idea about.

Trust me when I tell you: You don’t want the cheapest price. You want the best value for your dollar!

Evaluate their History:

If you’re having a water feature done in your yard, make sure you have the landscaper take you to a few projects they’ve installed water features in. Simple and common sense but it is remarkable how many clients skip this test strictly out of laziness. Trust me, it can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

It’s a business, not a charity:

If you’re one of those people who love to negotiate every price, then here is a word of advice: Don’t. Just because the price is $500,000 for landscaping, doesn’t mean the contractor is taking home $500,000.

After paying equipment, labour, material, time already spent on the design (if you didn’t pay for it), time on the professional landscape consultation, then back and forth from your site to the suppliers, sub-contractors, admin/office work for your project, and much more – they will be very lucky if they’re walking away with much. And that is assuming everything goes to plan – and we all know in construction everything very rarely goes according to plan – just ask the weatherman.

You want your contractor to be motivated. They do this to provide for their families and by you negotiating over dollars and cents, you’re taking the milk off their table – something you wouldn’t want at your job either. An unmotivated contractor can lead to all kinds of problems: cutting corners, delaying projects, etc. A happy and motivated contractor will make sure he gives you his/her best work!


AB testing is a critical ingredient of optimized Lazada selling. Without AB testing, it’s literally impossible to know what content performs the best (in terms of click-thru rate and conversion rate).

I’ve put together this article to help explain how the most successful Lazada sellers (and Amazon) Sellers AB test their product listings.

The structure of this article is below:

  1. What is Lazada AB testing?
  2. Why Should I AB test on Lazada?
  3. Why shouldn’t I manually AB test on Lazada?
  4. What should I be AB testing on Lazada?
  5. What is the best tool for Lazada AB Testing?

1. What is Lazada AB testing

The goal of Lazada AB testing is to identify the best product content and pricing for your product listings. It’s a method for identifying which product content is the best at turning Lazada visitors and impressions into buyers. It is arguably the most critical component of product listing optimization.

Through testing different product listings, sellers can see the clear connection between an excellent listing and an increase in page views, sales, and profits.

In fact, good product listings provide double benefits because Lazada’s search algorithm makes use of recent sales history and conversion rate to determine search rank.

Split testing is another name for A/B testing. Split testing is the process of testing two or more variations for the same amount of time and measuring the results. A simple example would be testing 2 product titles or images each for 7 days (Sunday to Sunday) and examining which resulted in the best click-thru rate, conversion rate, and sales revenue.

Confused? Don’t be. Let’s look at the example below. Which product image do you think would convert best out of the two options below?

From the outside looking in it’s very difficult to know.

But if we were to test these two images across 7 days and measure click-thru rate, conversion rate, and sales – we would likely see significant differences.

AB testing is simply the process of testing different product content on Lazada and seeing what performs best.

2. Why should I AB test on Lazada?

Lazada Seller Center

This is pretty straightforward. You are selling on Lazada because you want sales and profit. The best way to increase visits, conversion rate, and profits is to eliminate the guesswork of all the variables that impact your sales.

To have a good listing on Lazada, you need to have:

  1. A clear, descriptive product image
  2. An attention grabbing product title
  3. A quality product description and bullet points
  4. A competitive, compelling product price

If you are to test different titles, descriptions, prices, and images –  you will know over time which content change is causing a better conversion rate, sales revenue, and profits. Again to reiterate, this improvement will also have a double effect of increasing your search rank because Lazada’s search algorithm cares about product conversion rate.

We could do a simple ROI calculation to justify this below:

As-Is Listing = 10,000 visits per month, 2% conversion rate, $50 sales price, 40% profit margin (so $20 profit per unit sold)

If AB testing can merely change your conversion rate from 2% to 3%, you will sell an additional 10 units per month and generate an extra $500 in sales revenue. That’s an extra $6,000 in sales per year by optimizing only 1 product!

Additionally, you can safely assume this better conversion rate will result in a better search rank and more page views.

3. Why shouldn’t I manually AB test on Lazada?

Good question. Why not just change your listings inside Lazada Seller Center and check the impact on sales? The reasons I recommend against doing this manually are below:

  1. Time & Effort. The effort required to do this for just a few products will be very tedious and nearly impossible if you are managing 100+ products.You would need to work on your listings and manually save your results in a file. Then at the exact time X days in the future change your listings to new listing. Then at the exact time in the future log your results of variant B and compare to variant A.Then you choose which winner and again update your product listing.That’s a lot of work..
  2. Statistical Significance. There are seasonality factors at Lazada that can impact your AB testing results so it’s critical that you are running more than one AB test at a time.It could be possible for sales to have improved regardless of your change or could have performed even better if you had a better product image or price or title. So the critical factor here is to run test concurrently. Only with results coming from the same period can you make statistically significant business decisions.

    This is a lot of work to manage manually, when you can set parameters in a Lazada AB testing app like Split Dragon and seek out the results from this program automatically and get updates once the test is completed a week or more in the future.

    4. What should I be AB testing on Lazada?

    • Product Title

    Product title is arguably the number 1 determinant of keyword authority in a Lazada product listing. If you want to add it manually, it can be done via seller center as a mandatory field with maximum character length of 255 characters.

    From search results and category view pages, it is critical in ranking the product and also calling users attention to click and go to thru to the product detail page (where you can convert the visitor into a buyer).

    Every element of your product title needs split testing. Some tests that you should run are:

    1. The ordering of your product title (ie brand, category, keywords, descriptors)
    2. Using new adjectives and descriptors
    3. Testing key phrases (ie #1, Top-Rated, Best-Selling)
    4. Include technical specification (ie size, color, power)

    Your tests should check one and only one at a time and measure the results to continuously improve your listing and ability to convert viewers into purchasers.

    • Product Image

    Product images are critical to the success of a Lazada product listing. The primary image – the one that customers see in search results and category views is absolutely critical to get clicks. If it’s not well optimized, customers will not click it and cannot arrive at your PDP to convert into a sale.

    Sellers need to test out customer perceptions of images. The winning image should stand out from competition and entice customers to click it.

    The product image is how you stand out from your competitors that are selling very similar products.

    One recommended approach is to make use of color psychology and test different color combinations of products. Also, if you have multiple color variations you can test displaying one product vs. several products on the product image.

    If you’re a crossborder seller, you can look at which products have meanings in some countries. For instance, red in Vietnam is a sign of luck and wealth.

    • Product Price

    Split testing product price is not only important for search rank and conversion rate, but it’s also critical for your profit.

    How would you know without split testing that you could increase your price by $4 and have the same conversion rate? The answer is that you wouldn’t and you would be losing $4 on every sale because you hadn’t tested it.

    Finding the optimal price is critical to Lazada seller success. Not testing makes it impossible for sellers to be truly optimized.

    Another critical test that you should run for product price is the difference between Lazada Price and Lazada Sales Price (which communicates X% off to buyers on the PDP). Without testing, you won’t know what impact it has on prospective customers.

    • Product Bullet Points / Description

    Apart from the title and the image, the bullet points are the most important piece of product content at conveying important sales information to the customer.

    It’s also critical that you input search keywords into bullet points as they are used for Lazada search algorithmto determine product search ranking.

    Testing your AB testing is critical to get the best search rank and conversion rate. You can test the order of your bullet points and try different strong sales call to actions.

    The goal of split testing bullet points should be to find the best mix of bullet points that result in best search ranking and conversion rate from your product detail page.

    What is the best tool for Lazada AB Testing?

    The only available tool for Lazada sellers to efficiently manage AB testing right now is Split Dragon.

    Split Dragon features include:

    • Automated AB Testing for Product Images, Product Titles, Product Descriptions
    • Keyword Search Rank Tracking & Reporting
    • Product Content Improvement Suggestions

    Split Dragon is currently on sale at 50% off of normal subscription price. Check out plans and start AB testing here.

    If you have any questions about AB testing, please let us know in the comment section. I hope you found this article useful. Let me know what else you would like to know.

MIT App Inventor Curriculum Update

Launch Curriculum Update: MIT App Inventor

We are excited to introduce MIT App Inventor to the curriculum at Launch Code After School! With this new curriculum your child will learn how to build and develop fully functional Android apps that can be published on the app store. Having such skill can help your child build a foundation for confidence in today’s technologically advanced world! Your child will learn programming skills as well as the fundamentals of data and security that lay the foundation for acquiring advanced, full stack developer skills.

From design to testing, our students will learn the basics of mobile coding apps for kids building and then some! Just to list a few, your kids will learn how to…

coding apps for kids

coding apps for kids

  • Create their own functioning app with interactive features to use on an Android phone.
  • Create interactive games, and learn about databases and data security
  • Make a pet-sitter app, with several interactive screens and elements that keep score and track your progress.
  • Create an app that can read and write data to a real database!

Aside from development, the new curriculum teaches students to be aware of the role that data plays in their lives, and how to keep important data and information safe. They will learn about databases and security, while gaining experience using data management skills that real app developers use! With emphasis in cyber safety and security, we discuss how to prevent hacking attacks by explaining the reasons for protections such as password requirements, two-factor authentication and encryption. By the end of the program, our students will not only be able to create their own app, but will also be able to protect their creations and themselves.

MIT App Inventor lessons are available now for current weekly students, with a 2019 Summer Coding Camp focusing on the subject available for booking today!


Press Fitting – Unparalleled Speed and Ease

When installing pipe systems for industrial or even residential use, time is a crucial element. Usually, durations of Pipe Press Tool fitting projects can be long. Every joint requires a lot of work to secure. Through the use of Europress and press fittings, the entire process becomes a whole lot simpler.

Here, we share with you reasons why using our press fittings can improve your process.

Faster Installation

Eliminating the use of welding and an open flame can cut down installation times considerably. By using press fitting systems, execution can be 10x faster than traditional methods. This unmatched speed is important to time-sensitive installations. Repairs and industrial upgrades can also take less time. Savings on time equals savings on the budget.

Pipe Press Tool

Pipe Press Tool


Before press fittings, the traditional method of securing piping required the use of open flames and welding. Due to the risk of fire or explosions, especially in occupied buildings, this method requires hot work permits. This type of work is monitored and regulated by the Australian government.

Press fittings don’t require this permit and are installed by easy-to-operate press tools. Without gas, open flames or welding, starting a project can commence at the customer’s convenience.

Consistent Results

Europress press fittings have built-in indicators. These highly visible features will let installers know when the crimping is successful. With this install, it’s easy to monitor the quality of your crimping.


Europress press fittings require little to no consumables. The design also eliminates the need to use grease or oil. Sensitive applications can rely on press fittings to maintain the purity of the pipes.

Europress is the pioneer of the Press Fitting system. This method has been developed to answer many of Pipe Press Tool installation’s biggest troubles. By using it, Pipe Press Tool installers and builders can expect a quick installation that is also safe, reliable and cost-efficient. For more information about our products, call us now!