Armored Vehicle Rental – The Top Five Things to Know

If traveling to an area of increased risk, or the risk level is due to the VIP traveling it is important to consider three things.

  • Use Trusted providers: 

Once a vehicle has been armored its driving characteristics can be affected. Armor plate can weigh a lot, although most IIIA/B4 armor is normally quite manageable. Braking distances and acceleration can be affected, also you must take into consideration armor may make the vehicle more prone to roll over. Therefore it is important to ensure the vehicle has been professionally fitted and had suspension and brakes modified. Other modifications to insist on include the use of ‘run-flat’ tires. Use security companies that you can trust and have proven experience in the theater of operations.

  • Blend In:

It is strongly advised that any armored vehicle is of low profile and that your use of an armored vehicle united states is not common knowledge. ETS can provide low profile executive, sedan, SUV and Sprinter type vehicles in various countries throughout the world.

armored vehicle united states

  • Identify What level of Armor You Require:

There are multiple ratings of armor, and each will have varying levels of effectiveness against different ammunition, and explosives.

  • Security Drivers are Vital:

Armored vehicles are vulnerable if trapped and cannot escape the immediate threat. As with all security proactive action and avoidance is key. Well-trained security drivers, with evasive and defensive driving skills and with excellent working knowledge of local roads are invaluable. If an incident occurs drivers must react immediately to extricate the vehicle from the immediate threat. Armored vehicles are only designed to take a certain number of shots in one location before they fail.

  • Use as Part of a Comprehensive Approach:

Armored vehicles are but one tool in a comprehensive security repertoire. They are utilized to provide an extra layer of security during ground transportation. They should, however, not be overly relied upon and not used at the expense of other security procedures. If the assessed risk determines that best practice is the utilization of armored transportation (accurate risk assessments are key to any security plan) then journey management planning and the potential use of Executive Protection Officers should also be considered as part of an integrated security plan.

Example:  Venezuela, Caracas – In 2014 a German Businessman was traveling from the airport to a Central Caracas 5 star hotel in an armored vehicle. Assailants followed him, waited until he exited the vehicle and attacked him in the lobby of the hotel – killing him in the process of a failed protection effort by his unprofessional local security team.

Choosing the Right Armored Vehicle Rental Provider:

It is vital to use trusted suppliers with vetted resources that have been utilized prior and have proven capability and experience in that country and city. Security plans have multiple tiers and start at the very beginning with accurate risk assessments. Make sure that your provider is asking the right questions, risk assessments should be utilized by the security provider to design best practice methodology. Certain situations may require armored vehicles and local security teams to work in unison.

ETS –  A Trusted Armored Vehicle Rental Company

ETS are risk management specialists with extensive experience of providing ground transportation, armored vehicle rental, and bodyguard services throughout the world.. Please Contact Us or LiveChat to discuss both your current and future requirements in further detail, or click here to learn more Secure Ground Transportation.

Change Your Career Today: Become a Driving Instructor

Stagnation can be hugely demoralising, especially if you were never that satisfied with your job to begin with. While some thrive on routine and the reliability of the 9-5 work hours, others naturally prefer a bit of variety and diversity. Your personal preferences can sometimes make it difficult to find a job that you really enjoy, especially if you don’t like things to be too samey.

If you’ve been working somewhere for a while and are feeling dissatisfied, then it might be time to consider a career change. Of course this is a huge step and not one that should be taken lightly, but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in order to ensure that your future is a happy one.

If you thrive on flexibility and variety then you might want to consider becoming a driving instructors, especially if you already hold a driving qualification. You already have the basis of your training formed by being able to drive, all you need to do is get the official qualification to make it into a full time job. Most people learn to drive in order to get to work, so why not make driving your job?

driving instructors

driving instructors

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Driving Instructor?

There are lots of attractive reasons to become a driving instructor. The biggest draw for most is the fact that you get to be your own boss; a dream for most of us but definitely a reality for driving instructors!

Being in charge of your career in this way allows you to schedule your workload ion a way that suits you. If you can’t work on a certain day then you don’t have to, and you can book in as many or as few hours as you like. This puts you in control of how much money you make and lets you run your life the way you want to.

Training as a driving instructor also offers great earning potential, with the chance to earn between $26,000 and $36,000 a year. It’s a strong salary to be taking home and the high prices for driving lessons guarantee that you’ll be making good money each and every time you see a student. A few hour long sessions a day can make you a comfortable wage which, along with the flexibility and versatility of the role, makes the job an incredibly desirable one.

Training to be a driving instructor opens doors. It even has the benefit of being a reliable job market to enter so you don’t have to worry about job security; people will always need to learn to drive and so there will always be need for driving instructors.

If you’ve been looking for a way out of your dull and unfulfilling job and this sounds like the career for you, seek out your nearest driving instructor training school to get started. Companies like YLOODrive offer full training and will even offer you a position with them once the training is complete

Why Water Jet Cutters?

Water jet cutters offer a very effective and versatile method for accurately and consistently cutting a range of materials. They are powerful enough to be able to cut through Metal Stamping. They are flexible and precise enough to be able to cut complex shapes. Also, they offer an additional benefit with the capacity to cut three-dimensional shapes.

This method is suitable for cutting through thin materials or thick materials. It is good for cutting through materials that are covered in rust. It does not use heat for cutting so the level of thermal deformation is negligible and it does not produce any potentially harmful fumes during its use.

How this technology works

It is a surprisingly simple concept that has been developed to a sophisticated and highly effective level through the application of advanced engineering concepts and technology. This is a process that has been through a process of rapid development and continues to become more effective as new technology is developed. The cutting effect is achieved through water containing an abrasive material, often small pieces of garnet crystal, being fired out from a very narrow nozzle at incredibly high velocity. This high-powered jet is able to cut through materials with a high degree of accuracy and precision. As a result, it has the versatility to be used across a wide range of industrial applications.

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

With the development of more advanced design and manufacturing systems, the ability to utilise this method for complex and project specific designs has increased. Computer-aided design is able to be used to easily create templates which are then used by automated cutting machines. The type of computer systems that are now able to process three-dimensional graphics has broadened making it possible for companies involved in a wide range of areas using industrial design and manufacturing to take advantage of this.

The technique is very effective for cutting steel, stone, ceramics, aluminium, glass, wood, plastics, and laminates. Because of the capacity of the process to be automated, it is able to complete cutting tasks consistently, as well as for cutting large numbers of items using an electronic template. This has led to water jet cutters being used across a wide range of work environments, from the shaping of domestic materials such as granite bench tops and glass splash-backs in kitchens, through to larger scale industrial and mass production manufacturing settings.

This technology has been further developed with the greater flexibility provided through more advanced movement of the cutting jet. It is an environmentally friendly method. The finished edges are smooth and rounded. It does not produce burrs of Metal Stamping. It may not be the fastest method of cutting, but it is able to cut thicker materials than most other methods.

Contact us today

We have a range of cutters that are suited to different environments and activities. We are able to provide you with a range of obligation free information that will help you clarify any decision you need to make about suitable cutting technologies and equipment. If you would like to have some more information about water jet cutters or if you have a project that could be effectively undertaken with this technology, then please contact Metal Form Group by calling (03) 9763 8000 today.




Parents want to do everything they can to ensure that their children are as healthy as possible and have the best possible to start in life. Sunshine Dental Group are a paediatric dental care clinic based in Sunshine that perfectly understands this, and we provide many options that will greatly benefit your child’s dental health in the long term. We are proud to offer free consultations to help determine what solution is right for your child’s needs.

Paediatric Dental Care

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) was introduced by the Federal Government to allow families to receive benefits, such as Family Tax Benefit A (FTB-A) payments. The CDBS will alleviate a great deal of financial burden with our first-rate paediatric dental care. This treatment is designed to help keep your children’s teeth in great condition to last throughout their lives. The CDBS can provide parents with up to $1,000 in Medicare assistance for children aged between 2-17 years of age that can be used over a two-calendar year period on the paediatric dental care your child needs. Under the paediatric dental care, we can provide your child with the following treatments: check-ups, teeth cleaning, fissure sealants, fillings, x-rays, extractions, root canals, and much more.

Your dentist will explain upfront all the probable expenses that will be incurred and if there will be any additional work needed following the initial examination. This will allow you to decide how quickly or slowly use your $1,000 allocation over the two calendar years the money is designated for.

Conventional braces use bonded brackets and flexible wires held by bands to exert pressure and gently and gradually correct the positioning of your child’s teeth. This paediatric dental care treatment may take 12-24 months to work and a removable retainer must be worn for a period of time after the braces have been removed.

Damon System braces are an alternative to conventional braces, as they fit more discreetly and are more comfortable in the mouth. These are available in both metal and clear brackets that are will be attached to your child’s teeth. Our clinic also offers STb Social 6 Lingual Braces that are not as noticeable as conventional braces and it only take 16 weeks for the treatment to be completed.

For those concerned about how braces are aesthetically unappealing, our clinic also offers a clear correct dentist that can cater to your needs. Clear correct is an invisible alternative to braces where your child would be wearing a series of clear aligners that are replaced every two weeks. A great benefit of this treatment is that it is shorter than most other paediatric dental treatments.

Do you require a family dental clinic that offers children paediatric dental care through the CDBS? Contact Sunshine Dental Group today on (03) 9133 8657 for more information on how this scheme can benefit your family and give your child a great start in life.

Tips for Avoiding Self Storage Pitfalls

Self-storage is a great way to hang on to items that you only need occasionally, and it’s also very useful for holding items while you’re moving. It’s important to know the common pitfalls of self-storage in order to avoid them and have a great experience. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that storage users make:

Choosing an Inaccessible Location

This is an issue regardless of your reason for needing self-storage. If you’re simply storing items that are seasonal or rarely used, having a self-storage unit that’s far away or hard to get to will make picking up your items an ordeal. If you’re moving, having a good storage location is just as important because you’ll want a facility that’s easy to find, even in an unfamiliar area.

Settling for Low Security

Some self-storage facilities have only the barest of security features, which can cause anxiety about leaving personal belongings long-term. For this reason, you should always look for a self-storage facility with a top-of-the-line surveillance system, as well as an on-site manager.

Self Storage Sunnyvale

Self Storage Sunnyvale

Packing Haphazardly

One of the most common pitfalls in using a self-storage facility has nothing to do with the building itself—instead, it relates to the way that you arrange the items in your unit. Always be sure to place the heaviest items at the bottom of each stack of boxes, and consider beforehand which items you’ll likely need on the most frequent basis. For instance, the antique desk you inherited from your grandmother may do just fine at the back of your unit, but your holiday decorations will need to be easily accessible.

If you’re looking for a quality self-storage facility with excellent security and convenient locations, stop by Self Storage Sunnyvale. We offer a variety of self-storage units as well as boat and RV storage solutions.


Travel Security in Mexico: Ground Truth and Transportation

Secure Transportation & Ground Truth; Key aspects of Business Travel Security In Mexico

National Risk Assessments Are Not Useful

The business traveler to Mexico is ill-served by a national or regional level risk assessment approach.  Rather, Mexico travel risk must be viewed through the lens of locality. For example, risk levels in Cancun are not nearly the same as Monterrey. Corporate security organizations wedded to general travel advice for Mexican regions will not only find themselves saying “No” to business opportunities in safer towns but saying “Yes” to potentially life-threatening visits to villages that should be off-limits.  More than ever before, business travelers unaware of the risk distinctions from district to district, and neighborhood to neighborhood are either placing themselves at unprecedented risk or missing out on closing deals in places where the risk is manageable.

Last year, the U.S. State Department issued strict “do not travel” advisories for five Mexican states because of violent crime and gang activity. While the State Department has long recommended travelers exercise “increased caution” in Mexico in general because of widespread homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, the new warning elevates the five states to level 4, the highest level of potential danger. This advisory puts the states of Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Colima, Michoacan, and Guerrero on the same level as battle-weary countries like Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Yet, many businesses have chosen to interpret the “do not travel” advisories for those five states as precluding travel to even the surrounding regions adjacent to those states. In doing so, those businesses are foregoing opportunities by not seeking out the finer details of Mexican travel.

Security in Mexico, Questions You Must Ask

secure ground transportation

One question should be foremost in the mind of any business traveler to Mexico, whether pre-departure, upon arrival, and around the clock while in the country. That ever-present core query should be, “What’s the ground truth?” and ‘How can I get from A to B safely, commensurate with risk?”

Whether it’s Mexico City, Oaxaca, or Juarez, getting to the ground truth means asking the right questions designed to determine the specific risks. Mitigating and managing risks can only happen once you understand the distinct dangers of your locality.  Specific and practical risk questions are those that are directly linked to the where, who, why, and when of your Mexico travel.  For example, mapping the routes between your airport, hotel and business site allows you to learn if any of those routes are prone to incidents.  Assessing the crime near a local hotel and dining options permits you to plan for possible overnights in alternate locations.  Allowing security professionals to research known gang activity, robberies, and assaults at your destination over the last 30 days offer an understanding of the modus operandi of the local criminals and the potential to plan mitigating countermeasures.

Acknowledge and Understand Risks in Mexico to Better Overcome Them

Acknowledging the risks and planning for them is the first step toward enabling smarter business travel to Mexico. Remember, high-level security professionals, special forces and elite units around the world are not successful in their operations because of ninja-like capability.  These professionals succeed in the harshest of travel environments due to planning and preparation complemented by a pro-active situational awareness.  Learning of and thinking through every threat, assessing actual vulnerability to that threat based on hard data, and planning with professionals to avoid or manage that risk makes the difference between winning a contract or watching a competitor get the deal.  A simple but important example is in the risk of Kidnap.  In some locales in Mexico, Kidnap is high-risk, and most Kidnaps happen in or near a vehicle. Mitigation measures include pre-booking a vetted security driver with the right looking, low-profile vehicle, and varying travel routes each day.

In Mexico City, often non-armored vehicles with a security driver and a solid pre-travel safety briefing are commensurate with risk. In the other border regions, one may require a low-profile vehicle e.g. truck, and a covert advance asset to run the route and help fly under the radar. Alternatively, sometimes high profile armored vehicle convoys act as a necessary deterrent. One size definitely does not fit all in Mexico. The answer is to search out a subject matter expert advice.

What if?

Preparation for higher risk business travel must also include preparation for the possibility of the risk materializing despite mitigation measures.  This is where vigilance and situational awareness combine to help answer the question “What if” question.  For example, “What if that person watching me leave the hotel every morning has criminal links?” “What If my driver suddenly veers off route and says he is picking up a friend?”  “What if a car screeches up beside me and two men run towards me?”  The simple act of asking the “What if” question better prepares you to successfully and calmly react to the threat and survive it.

With planning and preparation, use of available data, and consultation with security professionals, business travel to Mexico can be both savvy and successful. But, with zero question two key pieces to the risk management plan must include Ground truth and solid secure ground transportation and journey management plan.

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Eye on the Prize

Everybody who comes into the golf fitness scottsdale has a goal in mind when they first join. Some people want to lose weight, some people want to gain muscle, most people want to burn fat while gaining muscle, and some people want to perform better at a given activity. Most people come in with a high level of motivation and want to give it their all in the gym. After some time, everybody’s motivation starts to run low. Some people last longer than others from a motivational standpoint, but everybody loses motivation at some point. The people who reach their goals are the ones who are able to renew their motivation after it runs out. This is definitely easier if your level of motivation stays high longer, because you are more likely to see the benefits which can help to renew the motivation. What do you do if your motivation runs out early in the push for change? We have all known the person who sets a goal with extreme enthusiasm only to give up in just a couple days. How does this person stop this from happening? The answer lies in the vision.

When you set a goal, you typically have some vision in your head of what it looks like when you accomplish that goal. It does not matter if it is a physical goal, mental goal, or professional goal. When you make it, you can see the person that you are once that goal is accomplished. This is often part of the motivation for taking the first steps necessary to achieve your goal. Motivation can come very quickly, but it can also disappear just as quickly. Before you take the first step toward a goal, you should make a commitment to achieving that goal. However, just making a commitment will not always keep you moving forward if you have no motivation. Motivation tends to disappear when we lose the vision we had that produced the initial goal.

There are many ways you can help yourself keep the vision of your accomplished goal fresh. Simply writing down the goals with the motivation for them and placing them somewhere that you can revisit them regularly can help keep the motivation renewed. Pictures can be very powerful for people as well. Vision boards are a very common recommendation for keep a person on the right track toward set goals. Placing pictures of the end result that you want to achieve in a place where you will see it regularly in your daily life can be extremely effective as well.

golf fitness scottsdale

golf fitness scottsdale

Zig Ziglar once relayed a story about a time when he was out of shape and overweight. He was having a hard time finding the motivation and the picture of what he wanted to accomplish. He even went so far as to encourage his daughter to call him “fat boy” in order to shame himself into losing the weight (Ziglar, 2006). The problem with this is that it created the wrong vision in his head. He kept reaffirming the “fat boy” vision instead of the vision of a fit and healthy Zig. He eventually came across a picture of a man in a jockey underwear ad in a magazine that he felt had a very similar body type to his own, except that the model was fit and trim. Zig Ziglar cut the picture out of the magazine and stuck it on his mirror so that he could see his end goal every day until he accomplished it (Ziglar, 2006). Zig Ziglar remained a healthy weight after achieving his goal until the day he died at the age of 86.

Knowing where you are going is extremely important in reaching a goal. How can you reach your destination if you do not know where it is? Florence Chadwick was the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions. At one point in her life, she attempted to swim 26 miles from Catalina Island to the California coast. During her swim, there was extremely thick fog and it was bitterly cold. Eventually she succumbed to the cold and fatigues asking to be pulled into the boat that was travelling beside her for safety. Her mother urged her to continue, but she gave up and was pulled into the boat. She later found out that she was less than a half mile from completing the swim. She stated that if she could have seen the shore, she thinks she could have made it. The loss of sight on her goal is what caused her to fail in achieving it. She later attempted the same swim and the same fog came in, but she accomplished stating that she kept a mental image of the shoreline in her head. When she focused on the goal, she could the obstacles did not seem so insurmountable.

Knowing what your goal is and keeping your sights set on that goal is essential to the success of the goal. Taking on a challenge without a clear objective in mind is almost always a guarantee for failure. Likewise, losing sight of the objective is also a common cause of failure. Luckily for all of us, failing in the short term does not automatically mean failing in the long term. If you have lost sight of your goal, pick your head up, open your eyes, and set them back on the end result that you desire. Create a vision of what you want to accomplish and refer back to that vision regularly. You can only reach your destination if you know where you are going.


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How to Get Back into the Gym

The holidays are officially over. Personally, I hate taking down all the decorations. For me that means that the festivities, the parties, the food, the notion of peace on earth and goodwill towards men have all suddenly vanished. For many of us, this means that we no longer have excuses or obstacles in our way to get back into the gym. Yet, it can be very challenging to make that first move especially if we have taken an extended break from exercise.

As an athlete, I struggled with an injury about a year ago that basically resulted in me having to take a good month and a half off. I was grateful for the rest as I had previously pushed myself way too hard but when it was time to get back to it, I looked in the mirror and saw the results of what I could only call a downward spiral of bad choices. Because I stopped working out, I started making very poor eating choices. I drank more than I normally did and didn’t get enough sleep. For me, it’s either all going in a positive direction or in a negative one. It was definitely not going the way I wanted. And this is a totally normal experience. I’m sure you have felt this way too that when one thing is going well we can leverage that experience to help push other facets in a positive direction. It can also be the same with when things are not going your way. And this was the case with me.

I remember looking at the mirror and this voice crept into my mind, “what’s the use? You’ll have to start all over and you’re more limited now than ever because of your injury.” The prospect seemed daunting. I had trained pretty seriously for about 5 years now and I had a major setback. I know many of you have felt that same feeling of starting back at square one whether it’s taking a month off, a year off or maybe it’s been a few years.

Especially in sunny and fit Florida, having access to some of the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you might not know where to begin. I’m here to tell you that all you need to do is make the first move and we can do the rest. However, here’s a few other pieces of advice that are helpful when starting off on the right foot in getting back into the gym.

1. Bite Off What You Can Realistically Chew

gyms in fort lauderdale

For me, what I needed to do was take a “one step at a time” approach. If I tried to just do it all at once it would be an epic failure as I would be taking on too much. I needed to reintroduce positive reinforcement to getting me back into the gym. So, I started by just doing one session a week. That was my task in the beginning. If I can make it to one workout a week then eventually I can make it to two and so on. Manageable goals are the key to your success

2. Be Patient With Yourself

I was nowhere near my peak when I got back into the gym. It wasn’t just the month off, but the injury forced me to evaluate how I approached certain movements I now was limited with. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in a different phase of my life and not to hold unrealistic expectations of myself. Even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale can provide, with the best trainers and coaches cheering you on, having the patience for yourself as you re-adjust to a gym routine will work wonders. As Coaches, we don’t expect world class fitness out of anyone, much less someone who is just coming back. Know that we’re happy you’re there and making the effort and you should feel the same pride within yourself.

3. There Is Nothing Better Than a Friend’s Support

When I got back in, I was lucky enough to have my training partner work out with me and help me scale movements as well as encourage me to keep going. That’s one of the best things about CrossFit, is that it’s communal in a group setting. Working out alone, even at the best gyms in Fort Lauderdale has, can feel like a huge drag. Friends can make all the difference. At RoxFire Fitness, I encourage an environment that is supportive and just know that we’re all there with a shared goal in mind. It’s great accountability to have someone who is trying to do the same thing you are! So next time you come in, bring a new friend with you and we’ll help them started as well.

The biggest takeaway from this I can offer is that it doesn’t matter what happened in the past. Maybe you’re someone who has always started and stopped workout programs because you’re on your own. I know what it’s like to walk into a big anonymous gym and have to self-motivate especially when taking time off. This is the real value of working out in a CrossFit class. I’m going to do everything I can to motivate you to come in and give it to your best. I want you to succeed and see the full value of the premium experience you’re paying for.

At the end of the day, making the effort is really what counts. If you can send us an email or text and say “hey I need to get back in, but I’m struggling!” – have no fear. I’ll give you a call and we’ll set up a time to come meet one-on-one and we can talk through everything. It doesn’t have to be a scary or intimidating experience. Know that when I first started CrossFit, I had always worked out but never really in a group setting. Walking in was the hardest choice I made, but ultimately the best one. Sometimes the things we fear the most are the things that push us towards the most growth. I’ll always be a support and Coach to those who want to make their fitness goals become a reality! So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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Classic And striped Indoor Outdoor Rugs – Oriental & Persian Rugs

When it comes to Persian rugs motifs and designs, weavers often create patterns from memory since most rug makers are born into the trade from childhood the designs become second nature, however many patterns are just variations of similar classic designs and are not replicas anything but the creations of the weavers as they work. This is true of geometric shapes more so than the designs of striped indoor outdoor rugs that are curved or vine-like or floral or have medallions. The truly elaborate motifs that are traditional have now been put onto computer and these create perfect antique replicas. Fortunately the hand woven and knotted rugs are still the ones most prized and the most expensive. The motifs that are most well known are the Boteh, Gul, Herati, Mina-Khani, Rosette and Shah Abbasi

The boteh design for striped indoor outdoor rugs is the Farsi word for flower bud or palm leaf or cluster of leaves that can also include shapes that we see as a flame or a teardrop or pear and yet is most widely called the paisley pattern because the Scottish town of Paisley imitated the pattern that was found from a Kashmir shawl with a boteh design. I used to think it had been the other way around. But next time you see a carpet with paisleys you might be inclined to give it a second look.

Gul striped indoor outdoor rug come from the Farsi word for flower and therefore it is common striped indoor outdoor rug motif, but it is argued that the word gul is also the Turkish word for tribe, and therefore a family emblem and not a flower. That would explain why not all gul rug patterns are floral!

Herati striped indoor outdoor rugs are elaborate patterned rugs that come from the Farsi word for fish –

Mahi, however there are many gorgeous motifs in this category that are flowers centered in a diamond with curving leaves that stretch beyond the diamond shapes. Many of these striped indoor outdoor rugs are made in Heart, Afghanistan and therefore the name we know today.

Mina-Khani striped indoor outdoor rugs use a type of pattern that is repeated over a rug and often has a central palmetto and vines and eight flowers in a lattice design that might also be described as the way you might see flowers or fruit if standing above them. The rugs from Tehran, Belouch and Tabriz often have this design.

Rosette striped indoor outdoor rugs will commonly have a circular pattern of designs that are based round a focal or central medallion or motif such as those found in the Nain striped indoor outdoor rugs.

striped indoor outdoor rug

Shah Abbasi is a common pattern of the Tabriz striped indoor outdoor rugs derived from the word for men’s cloaks which is Abaas that were woven in the city of Nain where these rugs originated. The cloaks didn’t do very well, so weavers switched from cloak making to rug making and used the same motifs – usually vines and curvy shapes of flowers and animals intertwined in complex layered patterns.

How are these Persian rugs made? Well, the weft is passed through the bottom warp to form a base and then loosely piled knots of wool are tied around adjacent warps to form the striped indoor outdoor rug designs. It’s very time consuming because a knot count can be up to 550 knots per square inch. It’s almost a crime to walk on such a rug!

There are looms for weaving rugs also and the main function of the loom is to provide tension. There are horizontal looms which are used by nomadic peoples and produce small striped indoor outdoor rugs vertical looms that can produce unlimited lengths of rug, which is where runners are often made. In Iran, the Tabriz loom, which has a fixed upper beam and a moveable lower one, is the most common. Tension is created by adding wedges into slots along the sides and weavers position is raised as the rug is woven.

Many of the carpet styles and motifs and knots and patterns as well as the overall rugs themselves are derived from the names of the cities where the technique or the motif originated. That is why carpets are named Abadeh, Ardabil, Herat, Heriz or Hariz or Heris, Nain, Shiraz, Tabriz, Veramin or Zabol just to name a few of the most well known centers from which Persian come from.

Another famous floor covering are the Gabbeh rugs, which are traditional tribal carpets made in the Zagros region of northwestern Iran, and are considered natural fiber carpets since the term gabbeh is exactly that – natural.

These wonderful wool striped indoor outdoor rugs are great for any home that is looking for new contemporary striped indoor outdoor rugs because each carpet is unique depicting women’s lives, emotions and stories of what surrounds them but translated into geometric and asymmetrical patterns that are akin to modern styles and avant-garde designs. These are artistic and individual masterpieces woven with thick pile wool although the knot count is low, they are of high quality and very coveted in the western world.

These gabbeh rugs are often seen being sold by discount wool striped indoor outdoor rugs sellers and they are not genuine from the women of the Zagros area.

Many of these fakes are made in India or China and may be immediately identified because they are not good quality wool, have been dyed with chemicals and not the natural tints used by Zagros women and usually have a white fringe that the originals don’t have.

If you want a genuine gabbeh wool striped indoor outdoor rug then a good place to find them online is there are many expensive varieties that appear original, but if they say made in India they cannot possibly be originals no matter how expensive they are.

However a true Gabbeh striped indoor outdoor rug will cost no les than about $1,000 and most are closer to $2000, $3000 or more.

Here are some Gabbeh to choose from:

  • Amalehbaft
  • Basic Gabbeh
  • Kashkoli
  • Kelim
  • Luribaft
  • Oushak
  • Shekarlu
  • Sumak

If you seek hand tufted wool striped indoor outdoor rugs in a modern, geometric or contemporary pattern you will probably be able to find it in a Persian carpet style. These oriental rugs can be large enough to fill a room, or simply be hallway runners or accent rugs. Because of their strength and durability they are sturdy enough to be kitchen rugs in a modern home with lots of foot traffic.

Contemporary striped indoor outdoor rugs, made in villages and cities in Iran and Afghanistan and Turkey and many other parts of the world, are natural rugs, created by men and women who have made wool carpet weaving and knotting, not merely a profession, but their life. Most Persian striped indoor outdoor rugs online have come from the hands that have perfected the art of creating area carpets and contemporary rugs that blend well with any modern decor.

The Distinctiveness of the Transitional Area Rug as Indoor Outdoor Rug

The Transitional area rug can be used for many purposes ranging from decorating the floor both inside and outside the house to hanging on the wall as a stylish decor. The Rug are distinctive because they are uniquely made from sheep’s wool found at no other place rather than the Tibetan highlands.

The Transitional area rug can be used both within and outside the house as seating Rug. The knotting methods used in making the Rug are what distinguish them from other Rug. Tracing back hundred years, the Tibetan rug has been in existence and it has always stood out based on the traditions used to make it.

Transitional area rug

If you have a Tibetan rug within your home weather inside or outside your house, the distinctive design and the narrow range of natural colours that always stand out will automatically define your test and style.

The great tradition that is carried by the Transitional area rug from time in memorial when the Rug were given as gifts in monasteries is what characterizes the Transitional area rug. If you have these Rug within your home, you are defined by the tradition of the rug and you get a classical status in your home.

The Rug are not only a symbol for tradition. They can also be used as a cover for the ugly breakages on the floor of your house or even the walls. With the current trend in home decors and fashions, the Transitional area rug can be used for finishing touches on your outdoor relaxing verandah or even in your living room. This trend of using the Tibetan rags is a very cost effective and easy way of making you home not only appealing but also attractive to your guests and visitors.

The Rug are easy to clean whether you are using water mixed with a detergent or just a dry brush to remove dust. There are a great variety of colours for the Transitional area rug ranging from the bright colours to the natural colours. Based on the colour variety, it is advisable for you to choose Rug with colours that will match the ambience of your house.

If you are looking for tradition that redefines your home decor, indoor and outdoor Rug using the Transitional area rug clearly makes your home appealing and decorative no matter where the rug is placed. We all love fashion and the trend in fashion for homes is always changing to currently adding at least a Tibetan rug so don’t be left behind in home decor.