These soft and luxurious quote his hers pillowcases are printed on double brushed microfiber fabric in lasting and vibrant colors that will brighten any room.

Perfect gift idea for engagements, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more! Gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for couples.

Available in Two Sizes

Standard/Queen Pillowcase – 20”x 30”
Euro Sham – 26″x 26”

  • Machine Washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable, stain and wrinkle resistant fabric
  • Designed, printed and finished in the USA
his hers pillowcases

his hers pillowcases

New Baby Skincare

As a new Mum, you’re faced with all sorts of practical advice on looking after your baby.  Baby Skincare though is one of those subjects that doesn’t seem to get the priority treatment.

When you’re pregnant it’s all about learning about baby feeding and sleeping.  There are decisions to be made about cots and prams. Should you buy cloth nappies or disposables? Are you going down the sustainable parenting route?  Is yours going to be a green baby?

Baby skincare should not be just an afterthought though as it’s crucial to get it right.  A baby’s skin is very delicate and fragile. There’s little point in wrapping baby in a bamboo swaddling a baby and dressing him or her in organic baby clothes if you’re not going to do the groundwork first.

swaddling a baby

swaddling a baby

Skincare for Newborn Babies

In antenatal classes new parents learn about the importance of skin-to-skin contact. Once your new baby is delivered  he’ll be placed on your chest straightaway unless there’s any kind of a problem. Once upon a time, babies were bathed not long after the birth. Mums, dads and hospital nurses used baby bath products. Now however that is frowned upon.

Parents are bombarded with baby cleansing and skincare products in Baby Departments in all the main stores and supermarkets. But research now indicates that ‘less is more’. Parents and hospitals are advised NOT to use baby bath and moisturising products for at least the first month. You should let baby’s skin mature in a more natural way.

After your baby is born, the vernix (that white sticky stuff covering baby!) should be left all over his or her skin. The creamy white coating should be allowed to absorb naturally into the skin. There’s no need for shampoo on baby’s head either.. Yes baby’s hair may look a bit greasy for the first few weeks but it’s good greasy not bad!

The other thing new parents mustn’t do is clean baby’s eyes unless the midwife or health-visitor tell you to. If there’s any hint of sticky eyes then wipe gently with cotton wool and cooled boiled water. And remember to use a clean cotton-wool ball for each eye – organic bamboo if you can get it.

If you expose your new baby’s skin to lotions, potions and creams before 4 weeks, then it’s likely that baby’s skin will react. And nobody wants their baby to have allergic skin reactions and/or eczema! It’s far better just to use plain water to bath and clean baby. You definitely don’t need to use soap or baby bath foams.

If baby has cracked or dry skin and is more than a month old, then it’s safe to introduce an emollient based cream. But no earlier.

And whatever you do, you mustn’t use wet wipes or baby wipes until a month has passed. Water Wipes are the best or at the very least buy baby wipes without perfume and other ‘nasties’.

For premature babies, parents should wait even longer. A premmie’s skin’s protective barrier takes longer to mature obviously. This means you shouldn’t use baby skin or bath products for the first 6 to 8 weeks.

So there you are. You don’t need to buy fancy bath products for baby. Water is all you need and it’s free! All the more to spend on some gorgeous organic cotton baby clothes.

For more detail clicking here

Outsourcing IT: A Battle Tested Step-by-Step Guide

Outsourcing IT is fast becoming one of the hottest industries offering business services to Philippines companies. Outsourcing IT operations is a great way to cover your technology bases at a lower cost, and with less stress than trying to handle it yourself. But as any business owner knows, you can’t simply trust your IT needs to just anyone.

Choosing the right vendor is crucial to making sure your business doesn’t miss a beat today, or any time in the future. If you’re considering outsourcing your IT needs but don’t know how, here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT

Step 1 – Defining Your IT Needs and Goals

Different companies have different IT needs depending on size and type of business. Before you can even begin looking at various IT vendors you need to know exactly what it is you need. Start by gathering your senior team members for a meeting in which you’ll ask them how IT can best serve them in a perfect world. From those ideas you’ll be able to develop a list of needs and goals from which you can then formulate a plan. Some of the things you should be discussing in this meeting include:

  • the specific IT tasks you intend to outsource
  • what you expect those tasks to look like at the user end
  • the extent of service you wish the vendor to provide for those tasks
  • how much you intend to spend on the project
  • whether or not it’s important to work with a domestic vendor

Step 2 – Create your Request for Information (RFI)

In order to get potential vendors interested in your project you must first create an RFI document. This document tells IT vendors that you are looking for someone to partner with – it is your “want ad,” so to speak. The RFI is usually posted on your company website, distributed to any IT vendors you are already aware of, published through trade organizations, published in newspapers, and disseminated generally anywhere IT vendors might be looking. It is important that your RFI contain the following information:

  • specifics about your company; size, type of business, number of employees, etc.
  • overview of your IT needs and goals
  • submission guidelines for interested vendors
  • where applicable, a vendor submission form
  • contact information for vendors who may have questions

Step 3 – Solicitation of Proposals

Soliciting proposals from interested vendors requires the creation of another document known as the Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP document is similar to the RFI except that it is much larger in scope. This is the document which lays out the details of the specific work you have available, plus any legal or industry-related requirements. In addition to the information included on the RFI, your RFP document should also include:

  • A detailed description of the specific work and/or project; this is known as State of Work (SOW)
  • any legal or regulatory requirements the vendor must adhere to
  • any industry related standards or protocol the vendor must adhere to
  • estimated cost of the project
  • submission guidelines and response form

Step 4 – Verify Your Vendors

Verifying your vendors is, for all intents and purposes, creating a short list from among all who have responded. Practicing due diligence in verifying the information provided by each specific vendor is of utmost importance. The verification process should include the following:

  • checking certification and licensing claims
  • contacting and verifying references
  • conducting face-to-face meetings at the vendor’s office (this allows you to see them in action)
  • asking for a test project for your business or a verifiable case study of previous work

Step 5 – Draw up Contracts

Once a short list is achieved, have your legal team begin drawing up contracts while you compare the vendors’ side-by-side. Look for ways in which each vendor is similar, as well as their differences. Based upon the similarities and differences determine what’s most important in meeting your needs and goals, then choose a vendor. Once you select a vendor, make sure any specific contractual requirements the vendor has requested are included in the final contract.

Step 6 – Sign the Contracts

The obvious last step is to sign the contracts with your vendor. Make sure that only authorized personnel are involved in the actual signing. Contracts have been known to be voided in some court cases when it’s been determined that one of the parties signing the deal was not legally authorized to do so.

Choosing an IT vendor can be a time-consuming and frustrating affair. But companies who do their due diligence and follow a step-by-step process similar to what you have just read, greatly increase their chances of success in finding a quality IT outsourcing companies. With the IT monkey off your back, your business is free to concentrate on what it does best.

Law Not War – Security Facilitation Services For Legal Sector

Globalization like marriage has been a celebration of closeness followed by the dispute. No longer are attorneys just expected to fly in and out of European countries for arbitration sessions. It is becoming far more common that attorneys are asked to travel to high-risk environments to act on behalf of their client or collect evidence to build their case. Historically large law firms in London have told me that ‘they’ve not had any trouble before’ or ‘it’s not for long and they are in a nice hotel’. I expect that these are the individuals that are less proactive and instead accept what is presented to them rather than seeking new evidence from unlikely sources.

Low Profile Security, Enabling Operations

Thankfully these attitudes are now changing. Interestingly, not because terror attacks are now commonplace in our airports and theaters or because Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer considered the chime of libertarianism but because the world has become a smaller place. Attorneys find themselves far more aware of the evidence troves that exist and how to obtain them. They have also become far more aware (as have their insurers) that threats exist to travelers seeking to stick their nose in where it’s not wanted. Now more than ever we hear in the news of large organizations, wealth funds, and politicians thrust into the international limelight under accusations of corruption. The success or failure of a case can not only affect the participants but the geopolitics of the entire region. Naturally, it serves some to have investigating attorneys hindered in their efforts to construct a case. However, attorneys tend to be less intimidated and far more stubborn.


Attorneys are now identifying the need for case facilitation services to gain the evidential edge, whilst knowing their opponent is behind a desk in New York on Google. Some have seen the worth in traveling to the corner of a refugee camp in Irbil to trace a witness that can bring credible and verifiable evidence to an international tribunal considering War Crimes.

A natural fit in these situations comes from the former Special Forces operators. Operators cost millions to train, but it is only then that they start to learn. Their experience to facilitate travel through high-risk environments securely and without fanfare is unique and often an understated bridge to justice. A recent example of this evidential edge was well demonstrated when an expert was flown into an African capital experiencing the aftermath of a terror attack. The case hinged on analysis of data stored in the country and the case timelines were immovable. The expert, chaperoned by an operator, was able to conduct discrete forensic data recovery preventing the destruction of information, and ultimately securing evidence critical to the case.

Obtaining Evidence Efficiently

Operators have been at the vanguard of liaison with local partners for many years. The examples of Freddie Spencer Chapman’s movements behind enemy lines in Malaya to the operators fighting alongside the Peshmerga to clear Mosul as I write demonstrates the operator’s ability to move in foreign lands with respect and efficiency. This is hugely advantageous to those seeking new evidence.

Getting the Job Done

High threat environments should not be a barrier to justice. The days of crew cuts, dark sunglasses and blacked out Humvees are no longer necessary and are in most instances, inappropriate. Low profile, discrete and respectful; the operator has proven to be a powerful enabler. A conscientious operator able to read the environment, whose existence has been honed to get the job done without celebration, is a formidable ally to the traveling attorney.

Quintel Intelligence Ltd and ETS Risk Management Inc have formed an alliance to better meet the needs of the legal sector. By blending their Intelligence services and physical security capabilities they offer a global service for case facilitation services with successful investigations conducted in Europe, North and South America, and Africa.  View More

Attic Conversions to Add Some Extra Space to Your Home

Homeowners spend a lot of money to build beautiful house with a unique style. If there is any unused space in your home, you can consider attic conversions to get more usable space. If your family increases, you can think of the right attic design to expand the floor space.

Why do house owners opt for attic conversion?

Attic conversions

Attic conversions

Attic conversions makes your house look attractive and beautiful. If you have a teenager in your house, you can design the attic in such a way that the elder child gets his or her own space. Most of the house owners look for attic conversion to create some recreational space for the family. One can create some extra space that can be used as a guest bedroom or a separate room for the child. You can also consider attic conversion at your office to add extra space for utility. Some homeowners choose attic designing to add some extra space to the dining room or a bigger kitchen. It can also increase the available space for another bathroom or bedroom.

Home improvement projects can be expensive. Attic conversions are a better option compared to building new elements of your home. It is easier to do and adds value to your house. Renting out converted attics can help you earn some significant amount of money each month. Home owners can enjoy better views of their street and community with attic conversion.

Attic conversions is a popular trend these days as it adds space to your house. When you have decided to choose attic conversion, you should look for getting the right ventilation and insulation with the conversion. The floor in attic conversion should be built correctly to be able to support the additional weight of the attic.

Hire the best professionals for attic conversion

Once you have made up your mind for remodeling the attic, you should hire the best professionals to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. If you want your attic to be functional and appealing, look for the professionals who have the right experience in the industry. They should possess the right skills to design your attic in such a way that it is more functional and attractive. A good expert can take care of everything right from planning the design till finishing the attic conversion. You can ask the professionals about their experience for planning permissions within your locality.

Cost of attic conversion

It is important to get a cost estimate for attic conversion. Contact a few reputed professionals and get an idea about the cost involved with attic conversion. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, the contractors would provide a quote. Get quotes from some local attic converters and compare them before deciding on one. When you have the right team of professionals, you can surely make your home look great and awesome.

There is no doubt that attic conversion adds value to your home. Renovating your attic adds some extra space to your house.

TM Lofts is a company that is dedicated to offer the best value to the customers with attic conversions Bristol. The team of expert professionals ensure that home owners get the right solutions matching their requirements and budget.

Source: http://www.tmlofts.co.uk/attic-conversions-to-add-some-extra-space-to-your-home/

Get The Most Out of Baby Boy Pyjamas Bottoms

Baby boy pyjamas bottoms used to be highly regarded sometimes ago and are rapidly ahead in reputation even now.  It’s even been said times over that baby boy pyjamas bottoms will preserve you so warmly on cold winter night time. The non-skid materials on the feet will keep you safe from any slippery wooden or vinyl floors. While these pyjamas are fantastic for napping, they have another use too.

Making a fancy dress from baby boy pyjamas bottoms shall be so easy and you will be shocked at how skilled the costume will look. You possibly can add a colorful butterfly wings to a black duo of pyjamas, slip a couple of antennas on your head and you have the right Halloween attire. Or put on a matchup of pink pyjamas and add a tutu. Put a crown in your head, hold a scepter, slip on a pair of inexperienced baby boy pyjamas bottoms then viola; you are the emperor.

Baby boy pyjamas

Baby boy pyjamas

Should you like to be a martial arts expert put on a pair of black pyjamas and add a purple sash around your waist and one around your head? Wish to be a candy cane? These pyjamas truly are available a candy cane stripe. You’ll be able to put on just about any color of the baby pyjamas, add a tail and whiskers, and you’ve got a cat costume. Put in a cape and you’re a hero. The options are a never-ending. And you’ll have such a superb time dreaming up new and weird costumes.

If you’re looking for a novel present for an important person,  a pal or member of the family, making an attempt by buying them a couple of baby boy pyjamas bottoms. They are in solid purple or red with pink hearts for Valentine’s Day. In case you have a buddy that few months ago had a female child, just give her a couple of pink pyjamas for those lengthy nights when she is up with her daughter. If she had a boy, surprise with her with a blue pair.

These babies pyjamas are available in several completely different materials like yarn and fleece, they have a protracted zipper (countless in nylon so not anything cold will brush against your skin), and in lots of them, you may remove the feet and throw on a pair of shoes in case you are wearing a pair outdoors of the house.

As you’ll be able to see, adult footed pyjamas will not be simply for sleeping. In the event you verify around on-line, you might be certain to discover a pair that can fit you want, whether it’s for a fancy dress, for a special gift, or simply to maintain you heat on a cold night.

Get Your Mojo Back: Natural Libido Enhancers – Part 3

Herbal Interventions for Low Libido

Another way to naturally enhance your libido is through the use of appropriate herbs. There are quite a number of herbs you can use as natural libido enhancers but some of them may have side effects, just as medications do. There is little to no risk in using herbs as a natural libido enhancement. In contrast, to lifestyle changes, using herbs is possibly the easiest way to deal with low libido. They approach the issue of low libido directly at the source.

There are essentially two types of herbs to consider when working with natural libido enhancers. Phytoestrogenic herbs have estrogenic compounds that come from plants. They add estrogen to the body as a way of dealing with hormone imbalance, but this often leads the body to stop producing estrogen on its own. If this happens, it leads to a further decrease in the body’s own hormones.

Non-estrogenic herbs do not contain estrogen. These herbs nourish the pituitary and endocrine glands, leading them to make natural hormones more efficiently. This process balances estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone naturally. These natural libido enhancers may be the safest way to deal with the symptoms of imbalanced hormones. They seem to be very appropriate natural libido enhancers.

You should keep in mind that herbs, in general, have not been scientifically studied well. The reports about benefits have nearly all been word of mouth from users. How much of the positive results, from the use of herbs, is a placebo effect is not known. Possible side effects of herbs are not well known, either. Certainly, the lack of consistency in the number of herbs used or the quality of the herbs affects the results you may get. When trying to enhance libido naturally, use caution if you take herbs.

Some herbs may act as stimulants to the body. This could be detrimental to you if you’re in a condition of adrenal fatigue. What is beneficial for one person may become detrimental to another depending on overall health and the health of your adrenals. You should use herbs as a way to enhance your libido naturally, but only under the watchful care of an experienced adrenal expert.


It is said to increase blood flow to a woman’s sexual organs. This increases arousal and makes it a popular herb to use. Menopausal women also get relief from hot flashes, anxiety, and depression with this herb. For some with adrenal issues, this herb may lead to feelings of anxiety and adrenal crashes may be triggered.

Avena sativa

A popular herb used by women to increase libido, ease cramps during the menstrual cycle, and as an aphrodisiac. It has been found to increase blood flow, stimulate the central nervous system, and increase both the physical and emotional desire for sex. Some research suggests it frees bound testosterone, thus increasing sexual desire. The research studies have been small, so these results may not prove accurate with further study.


Known as Horny Goat Weed, it is said to relieve menopause symptoms. This makes it very attractive to those women enduring menopause. Just as many other herbs are said to do, epimedium increases blood flow to women’s sexual organs. Alkaloids and plant steroids found in this herb have actions like testosterone and, word of mouth reports suggest they are more effective than medications and have no side effects.

Maca Root

Do not smoke while using natural libido enhancersKnown as Peruvian ginseng, it has been used by native peoples, of the Andes, to deal with the symptoms of menopause. It’s said to decrease infertility, sleep problems, night sweats, hot flashes, and sexual dysfunction. A frequently used aphrodisiac and libido enhancer, it’s loaded with phytonutrients and zinc. This herb appears to be a powerful natural libido enhancer. Because of its stimulatory effect, those with advanced adrenal fatigue need to be very careful to avoid over-stimulation and adrenal crashes.

Muira puama

It is said to stimulate greater blood flow to the pelvic area. Women report increased sexual desire and more satisfying sex. These reports are word of mouth only.

Suma Root

Also called South American Ginseng, it is frequently used as natural libido enhancers to increase sexual desire and improve reproductive health. Animal research suggests these results to be accurate. Use of suma root appears to increase estradiol-17beta. This is a sex hormone necessary for healthy reproduction and balancing hormones. It’s a promising natural libido enhancer.

Tongkat Ali

It is said to be the best natural aphrodisiac known. Malaysian women use these natural libido enhancers to increase libido and make the erogenous zones more sensitive. Some research has shown it to increase testosterone levels and increase balanced hormones. Another promising natural libido enhancer.

Tribulus Terrestris

It has long been used as an aphrodisiac. Apparently, it stimulates androgen receptors in the brain and increases the efficient use of hormones in the body.


It is traditionally used by Mayan people in Central America to increase sexual function in both men and women. Said to be an aphrodisiac, its use is controversial due to no scientific evidence that it does anything.

Natural Libido Enhancers: Vitamins, Minerals, and Foods

Nutrition is a necessity in naturally enhancing libido. Our culture of fast foods and processed foods leads to malnutrition. As you know, good nutrition is necessary for good gut health which is necessary for balancing hormones and increasing libido. Getting sufficient vitamins and minerals comes only with supplementation or eating the right foods.

Pumpkin Seeds

They increase zinc, leading to higher levels of testosterone. They block the enzyme that changes testosterone into estrogen. Increased sex drive comes from increased levels of testosterone.

Water Melon

It has a compound that produces a Viagra-like effect. It increases blood flow which is needed to stimulate tissues to be aroused and lubricated.


It is a plant-derived supplement that improves mood. This increases the likelihood of engaging in sex. Possibly, it helps increase dopamine, which boosts women’s sexual pleasure.

Dark Chocolate

It seems to help increase dopamine, also. In addition, the bioflavonoids in dark chocolate may help improve blood flow, making stimulation of the sex organs more likely.


It is high in magnesium, which can help raise testosterone levels.

Look for the natural libido enhancers in your life


It has a high amount of folate. A folate is a naturally-occurring form of folic acid. It helps regulate the amount of histamine in the body, the chemical released during orgasm.


It improves blood flow due to the action of allicin. It helps to relax the arteries, allowing a greater volume of blood through them.


They have a natural libido enhancer in the form of bromelain, an enzyme that helps in more production of testosterone.


They are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s help the production of dopamine that increases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is necessary for erections by dilating blood vessels, allowing blood to flow better.


It is high in zinc. As seen above, zinc helps increase testosterone.

Herbs are generally not recommended due to their stimulatory effect on the body. Those who have adrenal fatigue should be worried. The weaker the adrenals, the greater the risk.

Hormones to Improve Low Libido

Over and over again, testosterone is seen as important when enhancing women’s libido naturally. However, there are some cautions to be considered.

For women, in the pre-menopause stage, research regarding the use of testosterone, as a way of increasing low libido, is limited. But the small number of studies seem to show side effects, in premenopausal women, to be the same as in postmenopausal women. Acne and facial hair can be seen even in some women with normal levels of testosterone. Fluid retention has been a side effect as well. Difficulties with lipid levels may occur. If you have a history of breast cancer, severe liver disease, or severe deep vein phlebitis, you shouldn’t take supplements that increase testosterone. During pregnancy, avoid products that increase testosterone including natural libido enhancers.

The FDA has not approved testosterone supplementation for women due to concerns about safety. Studies have shown some increased risk of breast cancer in women taking testosterone as a way to increase libido. Concern about cardiovascular health also remains.

DHEA has been shown to be effective in increasing sexual arousal in older women. One study showed women between 60 and 79 years of age experienced slight increases in testosterone and estrogen with DHEA supplementation. For women over 70, there was a significant increase in libido and sexual satisfaction.

Tibolone, a synthetic steroid, is said to increase SHBG, stimulating free testosterone and estradiol. It is not approved in the U.S. because of increased risk of breast cancer and stroke.

Taking testosterone as a form of natural libido enhancers for women can have unwanted side effectsWhen you try to enhance libido naturally, there are options. As with any method that is used to increase low libido, you may have to try several options or combinations of options. Changes that will come to your libido through these natural methods won’t necessarily come quickly. Your body didn’t get to the point of having low libido, regardless of cause, overnight. So, don’t expect benefits to show up in a short time. Start very slowly if you have adrenal fatigue. Talk to your doctor and make sure your body is strong enough to endure the stimulating effect of such compounds. The close monitor is required. The weaker the body is, the less one should any form of a sexual enhancer.

If you do self-navigate, don’t get discouraged when using natural ways to enhance libido. It takes time. Time and work. But the results will be worth the effort. Stay with it. Run the course. Take the time necessary to enhance your libido naturally. Always be monitored by a knowledgeable professional for maximum effect and benefit. The proper dose, delivery system, frequency, and timing is critical to successful implementation and a positive clinical outcome.


Hiring the right SEO Company Los Angeles can be one of the biggest marketing decisions for any company. If you find the right firm, you will be able to drive some traffic to your website and make your business profitable. If you hire a wrong SEO company, it can harm your business. Whether you want to hire an SEO company Los Angeles for your start-up website or need the second opinion for your existing SEO campaign, it is important to look for the best professional.

SEO Company Los Angeles

SEO Company Los Angeles

We’ve Listed Some Important Questions You Should Ask Your SEO Company Before You Hire It:

How Long Will It Take to Make the Website Rank in Search Engines?

Though nobody can answer this question accurately, an expert SEO professional can provide an estimate of the time it may take to help you reach the top of the searches in Google. If someone tells you that they can help you achieve first page rankings in two months, it’s a crap. No company can do magic and help you stay ahead of your competitors in a short span of time. With the growing competition, you should hire someone who can provide realistic estimates.

What Is the Strategy for Back Links?

Many people forget about backlinks when it comes to SEO. The fact is that backlinks are the foundation of any campaign. If you do not have quality backlinks, it would be very tough to make your site rank higher. Ask the SEO Company Los Angeles what strategies they would be using to make you get backlinks. Discuss the backlink strategy with them before hiring.

Is There Any on-site Optimization to Be Done?

Most of the companies would focus on on-page and off-page optimization. You should ask SEO company Los Angles, whether they would be performing on-page SEO for your campaign. The digital marketing agency you hire should have good experience in on and off page optimization techniques.

Source: https://www.webcures.net/key-questions-to-ask-seo-consultant-before-hiring-one/

What Will Be the Local SEO Strategy?

No matter what business you are into, you would need to focus on local SEO. You can talk to SEO experts about the strategies they would be using to spread the word about your business locally. Once you are able to catch the attention of the local customers, you can make your business more profitable.

How Would the Reporting Be Presented?

All the SEO companies send ranking reports to the clients to showcase the progress of the project. This way, clients can track the results and get an idea if the SEO campaign is working for them or not.

What Is Your Blogging Strategy?

Blogs play a crucial role in the success of SEO campaign. A lot of Los Angeles SEO Company write generic blogs that do no good to your business. So, you can check with them what kind of blogs they would be writing and where would they be posted. If they do not have a content writer working with them, you can provide them with the blog content and ask them to post it on relevant platforms.

Before hiring an SEO pro, there are a lot of things that you need to clarify. Talk to the SEO experts Los Angeles to get an idea of what processes they would follow to help you stand out.

Web Cures is an expert SEO agency delivering exceptional solutions to the clients worldwide. The company answers all the clients’ queries and helps them get to know how SEO campaign would work.

Dietary Supplements That Boost the Immune System in Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

We’ve all experienced fatigue and stress on various occasions in our lives. For many people, the condition resolves within a relatively short period. Most often, both adequate sleep and sufficient rest are advised. However, there is a close link between AFS and your immune system.

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is a condition that occurs due to prolonged physical and/or psychological stress. Some of the common symptoms that occur with this condition include stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, among others. The condition is also said to have a slow and insidious onset.

Furthermore, studies have established AFS as one of the leading health conditions with increasingly high prevalence rates. On top of that, over 90 percent of chronic health conditions have AFS as a factor.

On one hand, when your body is stressed, your inflammation circuit becomes activated. This, in turn, triggers the immune system response for the purpose of eliminating the invading pathogen.

On the other hand, an untamed inflammation reaction leads to a negative health impact on your body: your immune system response becomes dysregulated due to overload. Inflammation becomes rampant, and chronic inflammation leads both to autoimmune disorders and increased risk of acquiring infections due to weakened immunity.

AFS and NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response

To start with, AFS is neither a genetic nor a contagious condition. Normally, this condition results when adrenal glands become unable to control stress and thus succumb to severe stress.
The condition is defined as acute, severe, chronic, or excessive, depending on the level of progression.

In addition, the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response is the survival mechanism your body adapts.

The NEM Stress Response consists of six systems and organs that are integrated and work together to fight stress, as well as maintaining their organ functions. The six circuits are inflammation, detoxification, neuroaffect, metabolic, cardionomic, and hormonal.

Dietary Supplements That Boost Your Immune System

Dietary supplements that boost the immune system play a vital role both in maintaining immune function and alleviating symptoms of AFS.


The most essential thing about probiotics is that they contain “good bacteria” and yeast. Both optimize health in your gut. When “good bacteria” are in low numbers, your gut has high chances of attack by “bad bacteria.” So “good bacteria” works as a defense mechanism. Also, probiotics digest nutrients and detoxify your colon. Examples of probiotics include:

  • Saccharomyces boulardii, yeasts that help to eliminate diarrhea and other digestive problems.
  • Lactobacillus, the most common type of probiotic, widely available in fermented foods and yogurt.
  • Bifidobacterium, found in dairy products, eases Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) among other conditions.

Again, probiotics have more health benefits, such as for skin conditions (e.g. eczema), vaginal and urinary health, and in preventing allergies and colds.

Vitamin C

A bottle of vitamin C to boost the immune system

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is obtainable in fruits and vegetables. This vitamin has a powerful antioxidant effect in your body. It also aids your body in forming and maintaining connective tissues, such as your skin, blood vessels and bones.

Other benefits attributable to vitamin C involve the prevention of heart diseases, increased absorption of folic acid, and reduction of low density lipoprotein (LDL, also known as “bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides.

Vitamin C supplements cut down on the duration and symptoms of the common cold, and support healthy immune system function.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is cheaply available from sunshine. The vitamin can also be obtained from foods and supplements.

Vitamin D has several important roles in your body.

It maintains the health of your bones and teeth. It backs up your immune system, brain, and nervous system. It also regulates insulin levels and controls diabetes.


By taking garlic, you are in a position to better combat illnesses like the common cold.
You also can reduce your blood pressure if it is at all high.

Garlic also helps you regulate your cholesterol levels. Again, your heart and bones are kept in good health.

Garlic has antioxidants that help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Studies have revealed that garlic has antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic has the ability to improve the immune system also.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

You can get omega-3 fatty acids in fish, some sea foods like algae, and in some plants, as well as nut oils.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and lower risks of chronic conditions like heart problems, cancer, and arthritis.

Omega-3 fatty acids also improve memory and brain performance.

Foods High in Steroids

Similar to humans, plants also produce steroids.

Studies have established that 70 percent of sampled plant species have steroids similar to testosterone in them.

It’s easier to boost your natural steroid level by including the following items in your daily diet:

  • Figs are a rich source of zinc and amino acids. Including figs in your diet can boost testosterone levels.
  • Asparagus has potassium and folic acid, which enhances sex drive. It also has vitamin E, vitamin B6, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, as well as diuretic properties.
  • Raw oysters contain plenty of zinc, magnesium and other vitamins.
  • Avocados are well packed with cholesterol, potassium, vitamins, and folic acid. By eating avocado, your testosterone levels will hike up, and your low density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol, will decrease.
  • Spinach is a great source of magnesium, which helps in increasing testosterone levels. It also has nitrate, which is converted into nitric oxide and improves blood flow.
  • Eggs are rich in fat and cholesterol, which help to increase testosterone levels. Also available in eggs are aspartic acid, protein, and calcium.
  • Quinoa has zinc, L-arginine, and magnesium, which is ideal for better sleep.
  • Wild oats contain plenty of fiber, which helps you to stay full for a longer duration.
  • Bananas are an excellent source of bromelain enzyme, vitamin B6 and potassium. Bromelain is good for boosting testosterone levels.
  • Fava beans contain calcium, phosphorus, manganese and potassium.

Immune system and NEM Stress Response systems

Inflammation system

Low inflammation levels makes the immune response weak. This exposes the body to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

On the flip side, chronic inflammation, due to prolonged low-level release, sets the immune response on overdrive. Due to continuous overworking, immune response dysregulates, leading to a host of adverse health conditions in your body as inflammation becomes rampant. The possible health conditions include:
Dysregulated immune system can lead to allergies

  • Autoimmune disorders, e.g. arthritis, autism, cancer, and stroke
  • Exposure to infections
  • Pathogen is not cleared
  • Worsening of pre-existing clinical disorders
  • Exposure to environmental irritants and food allergies

The most common signs that signal chronic inflammation are bloating, food sensitivities, brain fog, depression, anxiety, and leaky gut (or IBS).

However, by taking dietary supplements that boost your immune system, the body benefits from restored immune response and improved health conditions.


The detoxification system consists of the immune system, liver, extracellular matrix, kidneys, and the lymphatic system which facilitates effective removal of excessive wastes.

When the system gets overworked due to continued inflammation, the organs start to slow down. As a result, toxicity levels in your body increase due to an accumulation of reactive metabolites.

Some common signals that occur due to increased toxicity levels are constipation, brain fog, insomnia, electrolyte imbalance, food sensitivities, anxiety, and gastric bloating.

It is vital to support your immune system and rid your body of any infections that may be increasing the toxic load on your detoxification circuit.


The cardionomic response system prepares the heart, blood vessels, and lungs by providing more blood filled with oxygen for the fight-or-flight response.

This response is regulated by both the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal gland hormones — adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol.

With continuous chronic inflammation, the fight-or-flight response is also continuous. Supporting the immune system can help to reduce inflammation and the stress on your adrenal glands.

The Bottom Line

Dietary supplements that boost the immune system can be life changing in AFS recovery. The supplements have incredible power in resolving many conditions which result from AFS. Moreover, they have the ability to re-energize your body and enhance your health.

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