What You Need To Know About Bison?

Calgary meat shop has many branches and franchises whole over Canada and the US. They have built excellent relationships with local restaurants and retailers in bison ranch. The consistency and top-end delivery standards have kept them in good stead over these forty years!

The Bison meat near me from Calgary is supplied directly to the customers’ door every day! They source bison meat from the farms in Alberta. The Bison’s are raised without any external hormones and antibiotics. All their suppliers maintain a commitment to manage the harvesting and supply of bison meat ethically. The focus on best quality bison products has gained them new customers and has restored faith with their regular customer base.

Bison’s are naturally raised:

Bison ranch is always grass-fed, unlike pasture-raised cattle. Bison that are grass-fed are very healthy and good for meat! These animals are raised in naturally produced grass. Grass is grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides!

Natural fertilizers like cow dung etc. are used to grow the grass. The best practices of ranching are followed. Bison is very heavily built and strong animal. The bison meat is very lean and has very less ft.

They are fed on grass for 2 years before harvesting. Just before 4 months, they are fed on grain.

Calgary Bison meat quality:

Typically, they have Cornerstone Aging mechanisms, which help in superb quality in meat processing!

One should taste it to believe it! What customers order, they get it! The wastage is not charged at all! The cost to the customers is only on Bison Meat cuts! The Bison meat is liked by all consumers! It has fewer calories than beef. Fat content is very less.

It is lower in total saturated fat. Some Factor to its lower fat content, bison ranch has finer fat marbling which gives softer and tender meat!!

Bison meat is low in cholesterol and high in protein with no added hormones or steroids given to the bison. There are many companies that offer bison meat wholesale at competitive costs. This  Farming raise the bison with care in a natural environment and are given only a natural diet!!

Bison Meat Cuts | Noble Premium Bison

Bison meat is very tasty:

The bison meat tastes a bit sweeter. It is very lighter than buffalo meat! Chefs worldwide prepare many dishes using bison meat! There is no after taste and the meat is very lean. Excellent for barbeques, steaks, and roasts!

Bulk Buying helps reduction in costs. The sellers create bulk items for most of the meat cuts, so it enables people to order more. Thus, they can save more money! The more customers buy, the they save more and more. One can treat their guests to tender, delicious dishes.

  • Bison meat in Calgary  is very taster than beef and does not possess a foul smell.
  • Bison meat is very much leaner and contains very less fat!
  • The meat is very nutritious and helps in reducing cholesterol.
  • The meat is sweet and tasty, can be cooked to perfection and all dishes are created!
  • The chefs and restaurateurs, retail customers cherish the flavour and tenderness of the Calgary Bison meat.

Steven B. Stock

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