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Sports Tickets

We at xl center tickets are proud to provide you with all your Sports Ticket needs. Whatever you are looking for from Baseball Tickets, Football Tickets, Hockey Tickets, Basketball Tickets, and even Boxing Tickets, Cheap Event Tickets has the Best Premium Tickets for you. If there is a special request or interest you have in Premium Sports Tickets, please let us know.

Concert Tickets

xl center tickets is proud to provide you with  PREMIUM Concert Tickets. Thank you for letting us supply you with the Best Premium Tickets. We have one of the largest inventory of xl center tickets anywhere on the web. You will also find that our prices for xl center tickets are the most reasonable anywhere on the web, whether you want Cheap Tickets or Premium Up Front Tickets, we at xl center tickets are eager to serve your Ticket needs. xl center tickets are an independent, privately owned company specializing in the business of buying and selling PREMIUM and SOLD-OUT Concert Tickets at a reasonable price. We are not affiliated with Ticket Master, or any venue, box office, theatre, team, production or performer. All PREMIUM  Concert Tickets sold by xl center tickets, are excellent Tickets available in most sections for all Venues.

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XL Center Tickets

If you want to avoid visiting the movie tickets counters for booking tickets of your favorite movies then go for an online booking. XL center tickets are one of the popular online tickets booking website that has become quite popular with the frequent movie goers. AMC theater and Hollywood.com owes the credit of foundation of XL center tickets. XL center tickets have gained a new dimension by allowing the movie lovers of Canada and United States the opportunity to have an online booking of the movie tickets.

Shareholders of XL center tickets

AMC theatres, Hollywood Media Corp, Marcus theater, National Amusements, Famous players are some of the shareholders of XL center tickets whose network helps the viewers to find out the necessary information about the latest movies, the specific theatres in which they can be viewed, the Show Time and the price of the tickets.

However the company is no longer in good terms with Regal Entertainment Group, the group who has become popular as the founder of another online ticket booking organization, Fandango. At present the website is no longer booking tickets for AMC theatres also.

Online booking at XL center tickets

With XL center tickets you don’t have to spend your precious time going to the theaters, finding out the show time and then booking for the tickets. Now you can simply sit at home, browse your internet and find out the theatres where you can watch your favorite movies, find out the show time and book your tickets. You can pay with a credit card. The website will send your tickets on email. Take the facilities of online movie tickets booking and have enjoyed your time with your friends or members of your family.

Members of XL center tickets

If you are a regular movie goer then you can become a member of the XL center tickets. You will surely receive some advantages if you are the member of this popular website. You will get the opportunity to watch your favorite movie in the nearby theater and also get an early booking. Once you have become a member and registered your name and credit card you won’t have to re-enter the information of your credit card again. You will get a password which will give you the facility of quick check out. You will get emails and newsletters from XL center tickets every week giving you necessary information about the movies.

Facilities provided by XL center tickets

The members of XL center tickets will get the facility of purchasing online movie tickets of any theater. The website will give you the details of the show time of the movies of almost all the popular movie theaters. You will come to know about the latest as well as the forthcoming movies. The website gives the previews of all the movies. You can download the images and clippings of all the movies. Read the reviews and send your own reviews on XL center tickets. The online ticket booking website will give you a details of the weekend box office. Besides XL center tickets also does a complete coverage of all the famous festivals.

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Online Ticketing Services – Part 2


Helps you grow your marketing:

At XL Center Tickets we don’t miss an opportunity to help you grow your venue or event participation. When you become a client and utilize our system you’ll gain access to a powerful way to market your events – Email. We believe that you should never miss an opportunity to stay in contact with a potential or past patron and we make it easy for you.

Every time someone places an order through your account they’ll be asked to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Via your account you’ll be able to access this database of information and continually market your future events to your database via email. It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind and grow your event participation. We make it easy and our system provides you with an easy way to build, schedule and send your messages for free. You can easily include graphics, links, special offers, discounts and coupons and any other messages that you deem necessary and it’s all done with a click of the mouse. We even provide extensive stats on how many people opened your message, what links they clicked on, who they are and more. You can even export the data and use it for direct mailings because the system gathers and stores all the information you need from your patrons.



Increases revenue opportunities and value for your sponsors:

Sponsorships are a big part of event marketing. Without sponsorship dollars it’s hard to put on an event. Again, we make it easy for you to expand your sponsorship revenue or increase your sponsorship value. We do this in two ways. First, within our system we provide you with an easy to use advertisement manager that allows you to place sponsorship ad cubes throughout your online store. Sponsors will increase their exposure and gain direct traffic to your website. Our system tracks statistics that you can share with your sponsors to show the extra value you’ve provided them. Second, you can easily add sponsorship logos, messages and offers to your print-at-home tickets, receipts, and printed tickets. Our system makes this easy and it’s all managed by you and customized for each event.

Reduces your technical hurdles:

If online ticketing seems like something that scares you, don’t be afraid. XL CENTER BOX OFFICE Tickets handles everything for you. Our software is easy to use, we maintain our own servers and house them in one of the best data centers in the country and we’ll handle all of your fulfillment. We like to give you as much control as you want but we’ll even setup your account and venue for you if needed.


Online Ticketing Services – Part 1

Part 2

Why an online ticketing service should be a priority for your venue or event

Thank you for considering XL Center Tickets online by xlcentertickets.info the exciting first step toward taking your venue and event sales online. Making the move to the web and selling tickets online is a decision that you most certainly won’t regret. There are many reasons why online ticketing will most assuredly streamline your event operations and save you time and money.



Convenience for your patrons:

As you may already know, online shopping is all the rage these days and will probably never trend down. It’s becoming “the way” to shop and compare before making a purchase. People enjoy the convenience of shopping in their slippers and bathrobes while saving time, accessing a massive window of choice, and saving money by comparison shopping. All with just a simple click of the mouse. Online ticketing and box office systems allow you to provide this same convenience to your potential patrons so they can purchase tickets online and have them delivered without ever leaving their seat. Today, patrons demand convenience and online ticketing is another great way that you can give it to them.

Saves you money:

Online ticketing is not all about the patron though. On the surface, e-ticketing saves your patrons time but that’s only the tip of the benefits iceberg. Online ticketing will save your event and venue money. At XL Center Tickets our services are essentially free to your venue or event. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges to sell tickets. We make our money by including a small processing fee on each ticket purchased and you simply pass this on to the ticket purchaser to cover the cost of using the service. Your event receives access to use the software on your website and in your box office, you get to utilize our powerful servers and infrastructure, you don’t pay for ticket stock and you can reduce your employee fulfillment costs if you allow us to fulfill your orders and mail them for you. We’ll essentially handle your ticketing from beginning to end for free. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Reduces staff demands:

Have you dreaded selling tickets to a large event because of the staff required to take and fulfill the orders? Staffing your offices for phone calls can be an expensive and daunting task. Let your website do the work fulfilling orders and answering question while put your staff to work elsewhere. Online ticketing makes it easy to sell tickets without human intervention.

Part 2