Seven tips to not lose your smile in summer

The holidays are here. Habits change and our good habits also. But we must know what are the main dangers for our teeth and the consequences of a summer without proper oral hygiene.

The heat and the good weather invite to take a greater number of sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages and, even, to smoke more. If we do not respect and take care of our teeth, summer can take its toll.

And that bill is transformed into increased bacterial plaque, gingivitis problems, injuries and inflammations in the gums and, above all, the dreaded cavities.

What should we do and what can we do to avoid it? In general, maintain good cleaning habits and good hydration. But more specifically, from Family Dental Clinic Camberwell, it is recommended

  1. Continue brushing our teeth at least three times a day (although we should do it every time we eat).
  2. Brushing is not enough. We must also use the interdental brush and dental floss to get rid of the remains of food that remain between the pieces. We brush very fast and forget that between the teeth there is also food and you have to know how to remove it.
  3. Use a mouth rinse or mouthwash with fluoride. Those recommended for children are good for both them and adults.
  4. Drinking water in quantity. The lack of adequate hydration (two liters of water per day is recommended) can involve an increase in bacterial plaque and even problems of gum inflammation as well as the creation of caries (sugar).
  5. Moderate the intake of carbonated, acidic, sugary and alcoholic beverages without forgetting to clean your teeth thoroughly after your intake.
  6. Be especially cautious with dental trauma as they increase by 30% in the summer season. From Family Dental Clinic Camberwell, we recommend the use of dental protectors in the case of sports activities as well as the use of the integral helmet in any displacement in a two-wheeled vehicle.
  7. If it is not possible to stop smoking (which would be ideal for our teeth), moderate and control it. It is necessary to remember that in 100% of the cases, the smoker remains without teeth before the non-smoker. Tobacco destroys the gums.

Finally, do not forget to visit your usual dentist so he can give the most correct guidelines for our mouth or check how much and how the summer has affected us.

Steven B. Stock

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