Online Ticketing Services – Part 2


Helps you grow your marketing:

At XL Center Tickets we don’t miss an opportunity to help you grow your venue or event participation. When you become a client and utilize our system you’ll gain access to a powerful way to market your events – Email. We believe that you should never miss an opportunity to stay in contact with a potential or past patron and we make it easy for you.

Every time someone places an order through your account they’ll be asked to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Via your account you’ll be able to access this database of information and continually market your future events to your database via email. It’s a great way to stay top-of-mind and grow your event participation. We make it easy and our system provides you with an easy way to build, schedule and send your messages for free. You can easily include graphics, links, special offers, discounts and coupons and any other messages that you deem necessary and it’s all done with a click of the mouse. We even provide extensive stats on how many people opened your message, what links they clicked on, who they are and more. You can even export the data and use it for direct mailings because the system gathers and stores all the information you need from your patrons.


Increases revenue opportunities and value for your sponsors:

Sponsorships are a big part of event marketing. Without sponsorship dollars it’s hard to put on an event. Again, we make it easy for you to expand your sponsorship revenue or increase your sponsorship value. We do this in two ways. First, within our system we provide you with an easy to use advertisement manager that allows you to place sponsorship ad cubes throughout your online store. Sponsors will increase their exposure and gain direct traffic to your website. Our system tracks statistics that you can share with your sponsors to show the extra value you’ve provided them. Second, you can easily add sponsorship logos, messages and offers to your print-at-home tickets, receipts, and printed tickets. Our system makes this easy and it’s all managed by you and customized for each event.

Reduces your technical hurdles:

If online ticketing seems like something that scares you, don’t be afraid. XL CENTER BOX OFFICE Tickets handles everything for you. Our software is easy to use, we maintain our own servers and house them in one of the best data centers in the country and we’ll handle all of your fulfillment. We like to give you as much control as you want but we’ll even setup your account and venue for you if needed.


Steven B. Stock

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