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Why an online ticketing service should be a priority for your venue or event

Thank you for considering XL Center Tickets online by the exciting first step toward taking your venue and event sales online. Making the move to the web and selling tickets online is a decision that you most certainly won’t regret. There are many reasons why online ticketing will most assuredly streamline your event operations and save you time and money.


Convenience for your patrons:

As you may already know, online shopping is all the rage these days and will probably never trend down. It’s becoming “the way” to shop and compare before making a purchase. People enjoy the convenience of shopping in their slippers and bathrobes while saving time, accessing a massive window of choice, and saving money by comparison shopping. All with just a simple click of the mouse. Online ticketing and box office systems allow you to provide this same convenience to your potential patrons so they can purchase tickets online and have them delivered without ever leaving their seat. Today, patrons demand convenience and online ticketing is another great way that you can give it to them.

Saves you money:

Online ticketing is not all about the patron though. On the surface, e-ticketing saves your patrons time but that’s only the tip of the benefits iceberg. Online ticketing will save your event and venue money. At XL Center Tickets our services are essentially free to your venue or event. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges to sell tickets. We make our money by including a small processing fee on each ticket purchased and you simply pass this on to the ticket purchaser to cover the cost of using the service. Your event receives access to use the software on your website and in your box office, you get to utilize our powerful servers and infrastructure, you don’t pay for ticket stock and you can reduce your employee fulfillment costs if you allow us to fulfill your orders and mail them for you. We’ll essentially handle your ticketing from beginning to end for free. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Reduces staff demands:

Have you dreaded selling tickets to a large event because of the staff required to take and fulfill the orders? Staffing your offices for phone calls can be an expensive and daunting task. Let your website do the work fulfilling orders and answering question while put your staff to work elsewhere. Online ticketing makes it easy to sell tickets without human intervention.

Part 2

Steven B. Stock

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