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I have always looked up to my grandfather. As a child, I wanted a camera just like his – knowing that its lenses could be changed, but not knowing what it was called. Grandpa took the best pictures – he seemed to be able to catch the precise moment when someone’s cheeks were big and puffy, eyes closed in mid-wish, while blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. It was something that I wanted to do too.

Throughout my life, art has been very important to me. I understood composition, but was not very good with drawing and putting my thoughts and feelings on paper with a brush or pen. Best Headshot Photographers NYC has been my creative outlet and an important learning experience in my life.

Best Headshot Photographers NYC

I enjoy trying new things with the camera whenever I photograph, whether it is using different angles, settings, exposures or moods. At times, I stumble across an interesting place, and photograph it on multiple occasions, looking for the perfect shot and lighting.

It can be challenging for me to just go out and “shoot”, and prefer to be on a motivation or creative “kick”. My motivation seems to come in nice long spurts. The moments of non-motivation do not last long, especially when I see a new piece completed by a fellow artist. Their new work inspires me to also create something new.

There are times when I’m not sure if a photograph is successful until I see it printed and observe if it portrays the way I originally saw the shot, situation or area. It has to feel right, although sometimes the best shots seem to occur by accident. And, like all artists, I’ve learned that my favorites may not be everyone else’s favorites!

My friends include sculptors, tattoo artists, painters, writers, spinners and knitters. Each has inspired me and contributed to my work and I appreciate what I’ve learned from them.

In the near future, I plan to explore digital and film manipulation to add layers and more depth to my work. I also want to find ways to use props in my photographs. I have just begun using live subjects in compositions and hope to continue in this direction.

Steven B. Stock

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