10 Things You Should Do To Be Better Crossfitter

since we are with the purposes of the New Year, why not propose to be better CrossFitter this 2019? We propose you 10 things you should do to achieve it:

Enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re doing CrossFit, in your favorite sport, or shopping with your partner. Make sure you try and have a nice time. You can really do CrossFit almost anywhere, with anyone, or alone. You choose to come to Crossfit Fort Lauderdale World for some reason. You work hard all day, so you have to make sure that when you spend an hour with CrossFit you can be yourself and let go.

Arrive on time.

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In fact, we want you to arrive early and leave late. Do your dynamic stretches, get ready for the training, and dedicate yourself some time to yourself. Arriving late will only lead you to deceive yourself with an ineffective warm-up. Without a good warm up your chances of injury or not training 100% multiply. If you arrive soon you will have 2 options: Encourage the people in the class that is finishing or put on heat.

Do not moan.

It’s okay to hit some scream just so we can all hear it and know that we have to keep encouraging you. Maybe the song that is playing is not your favorite, but as some CrossFit athletes would say: “if you need music to motivate you, you better look for something else to do”. Be careful if you ask us to change the song, or we may be able to repeat the last Justin Bieber song all the time. We are your coaches, not the Master DJs (except Edu). You have a task to do, so do it. And yes, we know that the training is hard, that you do not like to run and that your hands hurt when it’s time to hold on to the bar. There are times when it’s time to work and shut up. CrossFit is constant variation, so there will be workouts that you do not like much doing. This is CrossFit Pittsburgh and not “anything that I’m not FIT”. When you come to Crossfit Fort Lauderdale you are ready to work and face everything you do not like.

Give it all

more than strength, speed, flexibility or resistance, the effort is what counts most here. We do not care if you can do a Fran sub 3 minutes if in some training you have gone halfway through gas. If you had someone of worse physical condition by your side, doing bar jumps from the drawer and Thrusters with PVC bar, we would think that you would have won with your effort. It is not about times or weights, but about the effort. Keep pushing yourself to your limits. We do not care if you lift 200kg or 20kg in deadlifts whenever you are giving your best.

Listen to the coaches.

We are here to help you be in better shape and achieve your goals. When we say things like “you are lifting the weight with your back, use your hips more”, do not say that you do not understand why your back bothers you the next day. When we tell you how important it is to stretch and mobility exercises we do not want to be heavy. We tell you to rest when you need a break, just like we will tell you that you have to come to the box more because you need it. If you want to be better at something, you have to practice it. Point. It is clear that there are people who naturally are good at some things. So, why not keep improving? Why not be the best?

Do not be afraid of failure.

What makes CrossFit great and unique is its way of achieving success through failure. The part of the training related to the force is designed so that at some point you reach the failure in some series. If you do not get to the fault is that you are not trying with all your strength (see point 4). In this box or in any other nobody will laugh at you or crucify you if you fail during a squat overhead. Pushing yourself towards failure is something more mental than physical. They have always conditioned us that failure is a bad thing, and therefore, we do not push ourselves for fear of failure. Remove that fear from your head and be amazed by what you are capable of doing.

Eat “good” food.

The quick response would be to eat according to the Paleolithic diet. If you do not like the Paleo diet, try to eat only meat, fish, some fruit, vegetables, little starch (pasta, rice, bread ..), no sugar, no cereal or dairy. If you notice that you lack energy, surely you are eating less amount of the account.

Keep the account.

Keeping track of your workouts matters. That’s why we always tell you to fill out your Training Diaries. When you do not count the repetitions in your training, you are losing valuable information for your progress. Try to write down as much information as you can. Write if you can what you ate that same day. We all have days in what we eat badly, and consequently, we train badly. These days may be the most difficult to aim, but are the days that will help you improve.

Be nice

The CrossFitters are recognized as they usually laugh or joke about people who train in conventional gyms. Everyone achieves their goals in fitness in the way that best suits them. Some will prefer the rhythm of a spinning class or body pump, and others the intensity of CrossFit. Instead of discussing your training, try to present CrossFit as a training system. You will get a good reaction and you will not look like someone unpleasant. Surely you were an assiduous to the multipower before. In this way you will obtain greater credibility.

Get involved

CrossFit is more than an hour of training. We are a community of people who train for a healthier lifestyle, and as a great family, you must get involved at that level. As if it were anything else, you will receive what you give. In Roxfire Crossfit fort Lauderdale we usually hold many social events that you can attend. We are assembling a race team under Roxfire, we plan a trip for when we have better time, we celebrate the most marked dates, we know each other better in the Open Boxes … You have many opportunities to be part of the box. And if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear it to improve all together.

Steven B. Stock

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